September 5, 2010

I'm for sale..


This is STUPID!!! This is CRAZY!!! This is INSANE!! This is one of the worst act of humanity against a woman.The man should be castrated. People like this does not deserved to live. Arrgghhh!!!

Read the article below..

Must read article first..


This type of things makes me turn all feminist and angry...

How could this guy sell his wife-to-be to some random guy? I thought a wife virginity is like the pride of a man...even if she is not a virgin, isn't it like something valuable? And he goes and sell it to someone else.. It's either he is a totally stupid guy or just simply NOT A MAN... Whatever the reason, he is a total bastard!!!!
Maybe its better if we girls go and whore ourselves right? At less the money comes to us, not to some bastard who uses it to gamble.  

And he conned her into it... and he used his grandmother house... what kind of sicko is he?

And what a total breach of trust between a man and wife. I pity the girl. To trust someone who ends up screwing your life. Makes life not worth living for right? Imagine the girl, waiting to get married, waiting to give her most prize possession to this guy, and he took it... wait, he did not take it... he just sold it off... to PAY HIS GAMBLING DEBTS!!! I think you should just take a knife and stab my heart. It will be less painful, thank you very much.

And how can he "sell" someone? Even if they are married, you cannot "sell" your wife You have NO RIGHTS to do that. Everyone is an individual, not a slave to you that you can buy and sell whenever you like. Hmmm... Maybe I can sell off Rockstar to fund my shopping spree?

I guess this things are happening all over the world. What's happening to humanity? It seems that we are getting less and less human the more we discover our humanity.

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