May 31, 2010

Food talk @ Phuket

What is a holiday if there were no food?

So here's what we ate in Phuket.. Seafood seem to be a big thing there. So we went around checking prices and OMG!!!! 700bht for 1 KG of crab. And we met this group of Singaporeans who told us that they paid 50SGD pp for a meal of seafood.

Well, we eventually did find a seafood place that were not too overpriced (thanks to Edwin) and it was right by the beach. Yay! Total bill = 2000++ bht. Double yay!!

I'm not going to say much but I will leave the food to do the talking. "p

We had to choose our seafood first, weight it before they cook them.

Excited faces. They had to extend our table as we ordered so much, there was not enough space.

Cute kicap bottles.

Tiger prawns.

We said, "We want sotong". The waiter said "What's that?" We pointed and he said "Oh, that one we called squid". So malufiying...

Super cheap mussels & lala. This plate only cost 100bht.

Satisfied faces. We manage to finsih all the food man..

Next stop, pasar malam..

Edwin were crazy over them ever since his last visit to Bangkok. We search the whole pasar malam for them as none of us could remember the name. Finally!

I like this so much from my last visit to Taiwan and Clement found them for me. But it dosen't taste as good as the one from Taiwan.

This is something really weird. Rice balls for sale. I think its for lazy people who wants a complete but quick meal. Fried rice with crab anyone? Just pop them into your mouth and you are good to go..

On the last day, while Edwin and Lydia when for a massage, scrub and facial; Clement and I decided to take one last stroll to Patong Beach. We visited the wet market, dry market, clothes bazaar, food court and walk the whole beach and patong street. We had 2.5 hours to spend.
Some Thailand sweet dessert and candies on display at the market.

And since it was lunch time and its technically my birthday, Clement and I decided to go for good food.

Le Siam, thai fine cuisine @ Jungceylon.

Fried Spring Rolls served with Red Sweet and Sour Sauce. 110bht.

Green Curry with Beef and Thai Herbs in Rich Coconut Milk Curry. 175bht.

Stir Fried Baby Corns, Mushroom with Chicken. 130bht.

Thai Fried Noodles with Shrimps, Ground Peanuts and Bean Sprouts in Omelet Wrap. 155bht.

Really fantastic food. Worth the price. I don't mind going back for more :) Especially for the noodles. Yum! Yum! Must visit if you are going to Phuket..

Some tiny merah jambu on sale.100bht.

Lastly, bottles of Strabucks Frapuccino on sale at the supermarket. Why? Oh why can't we have them in Malaysia?

 So here's my final post on Phuket. A last tibute to it's wonderful food and lovely beaches.

5 facts I have learned  about Phuket:

1. Taxi cost a bomb. It cost 400bht for a 5 mins drive. Its quite standard. 400bht is the minimum price. If you can walk, please do.. Even if they tell you its too far away, sometimes they are just bluffing and its near enough to walk.. At least for me la :p

2. Phuket got NO street food. Only super expensive restaurant. Don't think its like Bangkok. You will be in for a BIG surprise.

3. Phuket is filled with tourist. Everywhere you go you'll see them like ants scattered all around. And the Thais' are making big money from them.

4. There is nothing to do in Phuket during the daytime except lying by the beach getting a suntan.

5. Phuket comes alive *winks* at night..

That's all from me.. It's been a great relaxing trip... It's back to the real world now.. Working my ass off till the next holiday..*peace*


adeline said...

gal... u can find the starbucks frap in malaysia... go cold storage...

i did find street food on my previous visit to phuket... it's good and really cheap... unfortunately, all you can do is point at what other people eat to order yours... lol XP

Esther Chew said...

really.. great... hehe.. now, the next thing is delivery services :p

we did see some food, but the guy took a look at us and said a price that was super expensive.. maybe we look like rich ass tourist.. n we felt tt he con us so we left.. hehe.. nvmla... planning for bangkok next.. hehe..

gapnap said...

muahahahah...kampung la Esther . Malaysia got starbuck Frapuccino!