June 6, 2010

Running a marathon...

Have you ever felt very out of breath and trying to catch your breath at the same time? Like you are panting and gulping mouthful of air because you almost stop breathing for a very long time. Your feet and brains are screaming at you to stop but yet the adrenalin rushing through your body keeps you going on and on. And yet thru all this, you feel more alive then ever?

Working marathon equivelant to running marathons minus the cons..

I’m not talking about running in a marathon.

Somedays, most days, I drive home feeling like this. All worn out and exhausted but yet feeling satisfied and happy. An ache right at the base of my neck, a stiff shoulder and tired feet. All this because of a dream, a belief that life is better.

Huh? You must be thinking I’m crazy. A better life working my ass off? No off days, 24 hours on call, not knowing when you next dollar will come in?

I enjoy the craziness and stress. I like being on the go and rushing here and there. I like starting projects, planning projects, starting another project, planning another one, thinking of another one before finishing my current project. I like the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that I have done something productive today or this week. I enjoy the busyness of my life. I like sitting down early in the morning, planning my day, competing agaisnt time, and seeing how well I did at the end of the day.

One of my friend use to say that I will grow up to be a workaholic... maybe I am…

You know that Donald Trump enjoys work so much that he doesn't want to go to sleep or spend time on sleeping and he gets so excited about work that he jumps right out of bed every morning, all geared up. Nah, i have not reach that level yet. I love my bed and i need my beauty sleep. If not I end up cranky and unproductive.
Being in business and especially doing your own business is no small thing. The hard work and effort that have to be put into cannot be compared to working in corporate. Well, in corporate, life goes up and down depending on projects and seasons. In business, it’s mostly ups. Ups as in non-stop stress. You know why, because you are building for your tomorrows. And to stop means that your future will be uncertain.

I wish..

There are tons of things I got on my to-do list and it’s never ending. I use to tell my mum, “Mum, you got to rest because work will never end no matter how much you try to finish up”. Maybe it’s time for me to tell myself that. But then again, with my schedule, I can’t stop. Maybe, just maybe, I might be able to take a rest after PESTA 2010.

But then again, I work better under pressure.

Would love to try that some day..

I think I am a confirmed adrenalin-junkie…

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