May 21, 2010

My phone no credit la....

Just the other day a guy called me up looking for a job. I've advertised for a vacancy as we have a new outlet..

So he called me and here's how it when.. (translated from Cantonese)

Guy : Hello! Here got job?
Me : Yes, please send me your email address and I will send you an application form.
Guy : OK. How much you pay?
Me : It depends on your qualification.
Guy : OK. What job it is?
Me : *a little irritated* Let me have a look at your application form first.

A few questions later...

Me : Just SMS me your email address.
Guy : Ok. You all pay by hour or what?
Me: *feeling vey irritated* Please send me your email address and I will send you an application form; and we will proceed from there.
Guy : OK

End of conversation. I know it's not right to judge a person by a phone call but the way he presented himself was such a turn-off.. And also my Cantonese sucks, big time... My mum and sister always laugh at me saying that I sound like a total "mat salleh"..

Two days later, in the afternoon, I got another call from the same guy ... (translated from Cantonese)

Guy : Hello! Did you receive my application form yet?
Me : I'm not sure. I will check my email later.
Guy : OK. I send this morning.
Me : Alright. I will check my email later.

And then the bomb dropped..

Guy : Wait, I got something to ask you. Can you call me back? I did not reload my phone. My phone no credit.
Me : Okayyyyy...

Ring! Ring!

Me : Hello!
Guy : You got provide hostel?
Me : No
Guy : You got provide food?
Me : No
Guy : You got provide transport?
Me : No
Guy : If you hire outstation worker, can provide allowance for house?
Me : *feel like pulling my hair and scream at him but did not want to sound like a mean employer* That can be consider and arranged
Guy : OK
Me : Ok, let me check your application form and I will get back to you.
Guy : When ar?
Me : By the end of this week
Guy : You call or what?
Me : I will send you an email *I didn't want to talk to him again*
Guy : OK
Me : Bye

And put down the phone before he could say anything. Such a BIG HUGE mistake he made... The very first impression that he have given his future employer is already so bad.. I'm not an expert on people, but being in HR for 2 years give me some sense of what to do and what not to do when meeting future employer..

Here's what he did wrong :

Firstly, he was very demanding..

Secondly, do not ever ever ever ask your future employer to call you back because your phone got no credit.. Go reload your phone, or use a pay phone or borrow your friend's phone

Thirdly, this is NOT an interview. You do not get to ask all the questions. Be nice, send in your job application form and if you are selected for an interview, great.. if not, LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE..

The above are a big NO-NO.. Doing this will only result in you NOT GETTING HIRED.. And that's what he got..

Lesson learned for me : Must learned to speak Cantonese like a Chinese ... : |


gapnap said...

Give face lor . People from outstation don't know maa

Esther Chew said...

Yeah, i did..

I just want them to learn only. If they come KL look for job like this, sure either cannot find job or kena bully kau kau..

adeline said...

i would kill to hear u speak cantonese with tht guy.... haha!

Esther Chew said...

haha.. you will babe :) not with him but others la.. haha.. 1 day ;p