May 18, 2010

Some sun, sea and sand @ Phuket

I’m back once again. Took a much needed break and headed to Thailand for some sun, sea and sand.. and of cos lots of good food and cheap stuff la..

Last Friday, I threw some shorts, shirts, bikinis, sunglass and sunblock into a bag and I’m at ready to go. Taxi man picked us (us meaning Lydia, Edwin, clement and I) from my house and we are off to LCCT.

Arrived there at about 6.30pm and lo behold, found out that our flight was delayed. Not surprising considering its past records. Tried using the Air Asia Kiosk Check-in counter; started to panic when couldn’t find our booking number.

Anyway, we check in the old fashion way. I think Air Asia needs to improve on its check-in; long queues with many empty counters. Oh, not to mention, there was NO AIRCON!!! Are they trying to cut cost? I meant it a low cost terminal but come on, even their staff were complaining..

Went scouting for cheap food and finally decided on “Merrybrown”, the local chain store that do not seem popular with locals. Not too bad but they need to work on food quality. My chicken deluxe was not chispy enough *I like chrispy chicken” and the meat was too chunky. Oh, the “coleslaw” is just terrible. Please don’t order it..

Headed to departure and sat down to wait.

8.25pm flight was delayed to 9.10pm. Oh, there was wifi at the waiting area; limited to 2 hours only. But connection is bad. Took so long just to open a website. Even after 1 hour, I couldn't open my blogger dashboard to write a new post. Arrgghh!!! LCCT better do something. What's the point of having wifi if you can't use it?

9.10pm flight was delayed to 9.45pm. Read the newspaper from cover to cover.

Waited till 9.45pm but the gate was not opened.

At 9.55pm, the gate was finally opened and we headed towards out plane. After a short walk, we were stopped and had to wait another 10mins along the runway. 

It was hot, smoky and I step on a chewing gum that someone so inconsiderately left on the floor. Yuck! Finally boarded the plane and it took off about 10.30pm.

12mindnight local time. Arrived at Phuket Airport. Took some time to book some tours and transport to the hotel. Transport to Patong Beach is 650baht for a taxi. For cheaper alternative, take the bus for 150baht. But bear in mind that the bus will take a longer time as it will stop along the way. Travel time from airport to Patong Beach is about 30 minutes.

Left the bookings to Edwin & Lydia. :) I have been planning all the trips since our very 1st one to Bangkok (I think I can open my own travel agency already) so decided to let myself be free this trip. Saw this really really really cute guy and decided to snap a picture. Not so clear la cos didn't want to seem to desperate :)  ..... I still love you, Clement. xxxx

1.30am. Arrived at Andaman Beach Suites and checked in. Room looks good. Fell into bed for a good sleep to refresh for tomorrow.

Day 1
Woke to find the sun shining into the room. YAY!! I'm on holiday. Well, the room that came with the package was a standard room, which actually means no view la. If want beach view where rooms on the higher floors have, we got to upgrade for RM50 per night room.

The breakfast buffet. Yummy!! I really like the omelet...and the bacon, so crispy...oh, and the waffles with maple syrup..

First stop, Jungceylon. It’s this huge mall that people hang out during daytime cos there is nothing  much to do in Phuket during the day time besides the beach.

And as usual boys will be boys. We saw this Shooting Range at the mall and they were tempted to get their hands on some weapon. It’s some macho guy thingie la.

Since it was a buy 3 free 1 promo. The girls had a go as well. RM200++ for 4 guns with 5 rounds each.

Walk around the mall for a bit.

Clement, the Rockstar.

Edwin, the grinning Beer Boy.

The Malaysian Cyclops

Macho look.

Scared look.


Soft & cuddly & cute elephants in a row.

So cute :) No touching please..

2.00pm. Lunch at Bangla road, which is the most happening road in Patong Beach. The food was really good. I had the Pad Siew, some noodle thingie with chicken. Average thai cuisine = 90baht. We wanted Thai food and it was the cheapest we could find. All the others were western food, eurasian food, italian food, indian food....etc...

Next stop, Patong Beach. It was crowded with tourist sunbathing.

As it was getting pretty hot, we decide to head back to the hotel for a swim at the Andaman Beach Club. When we entered, we were quite surprise. After seeing the beach and hot sun and all, we were greeted by rushing water and greenery. Like an oasis. Was too excited to get into the water and forgot to take picture of the pool :(

That night we when for the must-see-according-to-reviews “Fanta Sea”. But its getting late and I need my beauty sleep. LOL. I will keep this story for my next post k..

P.S. Wanted to blog each day but the wifi @ the hotel was terrible. Firsty, it wasn't free and I had to pay 60baht for 1 hour, valid for 1 day. Manage to use only half the amount and only 10mins usable time. Most of the time it says "Low or no connectivity". Quite bad for a 4 star hotel.

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