May 25, 2010

Faking it...

That's right.. Faking it - the Hollywood way!

Wait, if you are thinking what I think you are thinking, I think that you are wrong :p but if you are thinking, what I am thinking then you are on the right track...

Day 2 @ Phuket

As Phuket is famous for their beaches, we decided to visit them (and there are also nothing else to do in Phuket in the daytime). We booked a tour with the travel agent at the airport. Dunno whether kena con or not but we paid 2000bht per person for a full day tour with lunch included.

On Sunday morning, we planned to wake up @ 6.30am, head down for a good breakfast to give us strength for the day before the van picks us up at 7.45am. Alas! We woke up late; cos the night before we were at the happening street doing what most people in Phuket do at night *winks*. So we quickly ran down, gulp some food and when back to change and grab our stuff and rush to the lobby to find out that the van has left. OH NO!!!!

Nah, the van man came to pick us up again and we headed to the Royal Marine Club to catch the boat.

Our tour guide is a really nice guide who explain all we needed to know, the where, when, why, who and how. Yeah, that's my kind of tour guide. He called himself "Leonardo DiCappuccino". He took the time to show us the map the places that we were going with the history and fun facts of the place. I like knowing the names and places that we are visiting, unlike some people who just go, snap lots of pictures and come back not knowing where was it taken.

Our 1st stop is this really cute island, hence I shall call it "Cute Island". Why I call it cute is because it's small, it's beautiful, and it's a make-as-much-money-from-tourists kinda place? Haha.. It's really cheesy. They have colourful umbrellas, small wooden beach chair, clear blue water and skies and oh, not forgetting ice-creams. It's like what you see in the movies when all the westerners go to the beach. So cool right! But guess what, everything must pay money. Want to seat on the chair? Pay 150bht per set. Want to eat ice-cream? Pay 80bht for a magnum. Crazy right? Luckily they didn't ask us to pay for the sand then we step on or the water then we swim in or even the fishes that we look at.

But overall its a really beautiful place. There was a "goose bump" moment when I was snorkeling and  found out that I am surrounded by fishes. It's no funny matter k... The fishes there are NOT scared of humans, they come very close and there are ALOT of them. And I have a thing about scaly animals. My skin crawls and I start feeling urrgghhhh!!! Go away, go away...

Next stop, Monkey Bay @ Loh Dalam Bay. We were not allowed to get of the boat cos the tour guide scared us with horrors of monkeys biting people and stuff. But we were allowed to take pictures and feed them from the boat la. Oh, I learn something there. Monkeys CAN swim!!

Lunch time @ Ton Sai Bay on James Bond Island. Well, it actually appear twice in his movies "The Men with the Golden Gun" and "Tomorrow Never Dies". Not sure the exact spot. It seems the movie was suppose to be shot in Vietnam but they had some problems with the authorities so they decide to shot it in Thailand and made it look like its Vietnam. Something like that and because of that, everything around here became James Bond this, James Bond that..

After lunch, our next stop was a short distance away "Viking Cave". Reason of it's name is that it has drawing on the wall resembling viking boat. But sad to say, we were not allowed to look at it as it is filled with birds nest and they are afraid we will destroy them or steal them. Like we will la *roll eyes*. Oh, but the water there is super clear that it feels like a swimming pool; with fishes la.

4th stop. Pileh Cove is this really beautiful, calm, serene, tranquil cove. Its surrounded by limestone formations and it feel so peaceful and protected. The water is so still and blue..

Final stop. Maya Bay. It's not super nice, just that its famous cos the move "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed there. But sadly, it was a fake job. There are NO coconut trees and NO water fall like the movie. According to our tour guide, it's special effect done by Hollywood.

So here we are.. trying to imagine how it feels like to live here all alone... in this beach paradise.. just like the movie. Lying in the sun, slowly letting all the stress and tension leave your body, feeling the sea breeze brushing your thighs, hearing the waves crashing on the shore, feeling the sand in between your toes, soaking in the water, tasting the salt from the sea on your lips, letting the water caress your body like a lover, feeling the sun ray touching your skin.................. it feels like paradise....................."AAAHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!!" shriek and laughter fills the air and a bunch of Hawaiian-dressed-tourists fills your vision. Sigh... back to reality again!

At 4pm, we got onto our speedboat and its time to say good bye. It was a really good trip. I like beaches. I like the feel of the sand, the sun, the water, and peacefulness and I wish I can stay here forever. But its over now and it's back to the real world.

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