May 5, 2010

Opening of new outlet

I'm so exhausted...Was up by 6am, rushing for to prepare things..

For those who don't know yet, I'm starting a new outlet. It's been crazy, it's been hectic, it's been a time of faith in God but yeah, despite all the hard work, it's been truly satisfiying.. seeing "my baby" taking shape :)

Some pictures for the 'before'part..

Before signing contact..

After laying of the new carpet..

As you can see, my whole family is involved.. Erm, yeah, sort off.. Especially my younger brother and sister who helped out by getting in the way, taking up spaces and eating alot :p

And as you know, my dad is a D-I-Y guy and loves to do things on his own. He just doesn't trust the experts to handle the job..

So here is he, with his handle, trusty drill..

My mum, who just didn't like the sawdust and kept sweeping them up..

And this is mua.. hard at work :p

And finally, after 1 month of hard work, the shop is almost ready..

Do drop by for a visit, if you can, and show us your love :)

We will be open this coming Friday, 7th May 2010.

* Can't wait *

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gapnap said...

woohooo , tmr opening!