December 8, 2012

True friends

Crazy life!! 

I was in church from 8am to 11pm for 3 days in a row for APYAC (Asia Pacific Youth Alive Conference) 2012. Eventhough I work with kids, being around them with all their chirpiness and hormonal stuff and all, it's taking a toll on me. I think its just a church thing. They don't act like that in BB. Serious.

Anyway, with that little amount of sleep I had, I thought I could sleep in on Saturday. Fat chance!!! Past midnight, a friend of mine, who was getting married today was whatsapping SOSpping a few of us because some zhi muis bailed out last minute. . I stayed up till pass 2 am hunting for a cream colour dress just to be part of his fiancée zhi mui's entourage. Woke up at 5-ish am, with just 3 hours sleep, so that I could drive myself to the hotel. When I arrived, I was given a bridemaid dress and told to put on my make-up and change. One of the bridesmaid had food-poisoning. 3 hours later after the games and tea ceremony, I found myself walking down the aisle. Yet again. 

*That's me on the far left in my bridesmaid dress and bouquet. The shortest one. :) Picture credited to Sam. 

Had an hour of sleep after lunch, and am now trying to do some work before the wedding dinner at night. 

All this made me realized how important friends are and knowing who true friends are. And I am glad to say that even though the numbers are small, I know I can trust the friends that I have and knowing that they got my back covered. :)

Congrats my childhood, primary, secondary, church, family and BB friend!! 20 years of friendship and now you are married. :) I'm happy for you... we all are :)

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