December 10, 2012

till the last underwear

Rockstar and I worked till about 10pm today.

Reach home, had dinner and was talking about our plans after dinner. 

Me : Attack mine & hubby's huge pile of laundry, which I didn't get to do for the entire last week. 

Rockstar : Go out play with friends. Badminton. 

I said, "It's not fair. How come I have to stay home do housework while you go out play."

He just laugh.. 


Laugh all you want. Just wait till you got no underwear. See who has the last laugh.. 


Instragram : theestherchew

On a brighter note. I got myself a new ironing board. Can you believe my MIL does not have one? Serious. 

Still. I hate ironing. Hopefully the bright retro-looking polka dot helps make it more fun. 

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