December 29, 2012

NCO Retreat 2012

A week before Christmas, I was away. Up in Genting Highlands for NCO Retreat with a bunch of young people. Weather was good, although we were stuck in the room most of the time. We had a lot of fun playing games, learning, bonding, sharing and laughing. 

Opening parade @ Peaceheaven's Carpark

That's me conducting the lesson on 'Understanding Responsibility'. 
This year, we decided to focus on 7 lessons taken off from a book called 'My Journey' written by a 17 year old boy, head-prefect of Sri Nobel School. The lessons were practical and easy for young people to grasps. 

Group discussion, part of the lesson. 

'Connecting' game. 
I got the game off the internet, played it at my cell Christmas Party and then here again; all customized to different group people. Here, I asked them to say happy things about being an NCO and when another agrees and shouts 'Connect', he/she throw the ball of strings to the other person. And it goes on and on until everyone connects. Cool right? 

Morning Exercise. 
Freezing cold wind. We played 'Electron' after some stretching is done. Something like Catching but with a twist. We paired up. A catcher have to chase the odd 'electron' until he/she finds another 'electron' and taps them. The partner of that tapped electron will have to run and find another 'electron' before being caught. 

Yes, that's me in grey sweater. I joined in as it was super cold and I needed to warm up. Enuff said, sometimes its good to connect with your inner child. 

Another group work on 'Commitment is a choice' lesson.

Playing 'Santa, Santarina & Reindeer'.

We made a curving line on the floor with masking tape. 2 teams, one on each end of the line. Each side will select one person to walk across the line and when both sides meet, they will do either - Santa, Santarina or Reindeer. Santa beats Reindeer. Reindeer beat Santarina. Santarina beat Santa. The loser falls out of line. The winner carries on the line till he/she meets another person from the other team. Repeat again. The team gets 1 point each time they reach the end of the line. A really fun game. We had so much laughter. 

(Santa - extend your hands our and curve it to show a big waistline. Santarina - cross your legs, 1 hand over mouth, another hand over skirt. Reindeer - stick your hands and fingers on top of your head. )

Carrying a team mate - Activity from 'Teamwork makes the Dreams Work' lesson. 

Down to serious business. AGM & Election. All handled by the NCO Council Exco. 

Officers just lepak behind ;p

As usual, we don't forget our pose. 10th KL trademark pose :)

2012 Sergeants & Staff-Sergeants. 
Extra sashes and stripes does NOT make you a more matured person. Serious. 

Presenting, NCO Council 2013 lead by Chairwoman Sergeat Chery-lyn Ngoh and assisted by Deputy Chairman Sergeant Timothy Lim.

What can I say, we love our sports. Playing Captainball during Physical Training.

We also played another game call 'Butt Ball'. It is advise that this game be played indoor as injuries incurred to you butt is less substantial. It's similar to Captain Ball but all players are required to sit on the floor with their butt touching the ground. They are allowed to move around as long as their butt touches the ground. 

I'm amazed by thier creativity. Really silly game but we had lots of laughter and sore butts after. 

The chipmucks/ Ah Kua Gang. 
Taking a nap in between lessons. 

We ended the camp with Maggi Cups; while waiting for our transport (which came 2 hours later) to arrived. All in all, it was a great 3 days. I hope and pray that the NCOs will take back what they have gain during the retreat and bring their company to greater heights next year. 

All the hard work, sweat and wrinkles is so worth it. 
I love this bunch of crazy fun-loving young people. 

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