December 13, 2012

Jardin des Tuileries : a honeymoon stroll

After our time at The Lourve, we walked just a short distance away to the Jardin des Tuileries, a formal French garden. I was expecting rolling hills and grass everywhere as per Melbourne gardens, but was surprised to find formal manicured lawns (which we were not allowed to step on) and straight sandy avenues. 

As we walked, we found ourselves at one of the ornamental pools. There were heavy metals green coloured chairs placed messily around the pool, perfect for sitting or lounging. We found a spot, put our feet up and people watch a bit. 

The first thing that caught my eye was this cool-looking dude in shades who was playing with a sail boat. Says who boating are for children? 

Fat pigeons waddling around, resembling plump matrons, making busy purring sounds as they hunt for food. 

Oh wait, it's not the cool dude's boat. It's his daughter. Her ice-cream fell just when I snapped the picture. Poor kid.. 

Colourful yet tired looking boats for rent. Well-maintained, with patches of mended cloths showed signs of loving care. Brings back lots of childhood memories - not that I sailed one before. It's just that I used to read about them all the time in Enid Blyton books. 

"Here comes the policeman". 

The garden was surrounded by copies of statues by the likes of Rodin (a French sculptor).

Tiny puffs of dust swirl around as we wandered up and down the sandy avenues. 

A walk in a sunny garden is not complete without an ice-cream. My first ever Caramel flavoured gelato in France. 

I can't say that I like French gardens as much as I do Melbourne's gardens but its beautiful on its own. Hot sunny, yet with temperature cool enough you don't feel the heat. Strolling in a garden, walking side by side, with a melting gelato in hand. Ahhh.... perfect!!

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