December 31, 2012

An Adventurous 2012

It's just a few hours till the end of 2012! And since every other blogger is doing a recap, I think I shall too. So what adventures unfold this year? 

January : My family & I took an impromptu trip to Eagle Ranch in Port Dickson. It was our first time as a family there and it was a good time of relaxing and chilling.. 

February: Another family trip to Fraser's Hill. We had a great time just enjoying the cool weather, bird-watching and eating. 

February : An early Valentine dinner up in Genting. 

March : Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Bukit Tinggi with me twinnie. 

April: A day trip with family to Kuala Selangor. An adventure indeed. We felt the earthquake that hit Japan there. 

April : A Boys' Brigade trip to Melacca but we did enjoy the food and sights nonetheless. 

April : An all girls trip to the sunny beaches of Port Dickson.

May: A drive up the East Coast with my family - eating, enjoying the sleepy towns and taking lots of pictures. 

May : Another diving trip with buddies in Perhentian Island. :)

June : A Boys' Brigade national annual camp with 2000 over young people. 

June : A short trip to Seremban for a friend's wedding and food, of cos. 

June : A last minute trip to Bangkok with sisters. Shopping!!!

September : Paris! A dream vacation with Rockstar. Our 1st honeymoon. 

October: A last minute diving trip with SIL to Tioman Island. I spend lots of time reading and enjoying the sun. 

October : A short weekend away with friends @ The Asian Sports Village for some water sports and outdoor camping. 

October : 2nd honeymoon with Rockstar to Tokyo & Osaka, Japan. 

November : I brought a bunch of young people to Philippines. An eye-opening trip.

And of cos the biggest adventure of my life is getting married to the man God has chosen for me :) Thank you Jesus for him..

Of cos, not forgetting lots of weddings, events, work, Boys' Brigade, family, changes, opportunities, eating in between. 

Such a busy year but amazing too... It was a roller-coaster ride but as 2012 draws to a close, I am looking forward to 2013 and wondering what it will bring on. Lots of plans but will leave all to God.  He has shown me just how Awesome life can be when I put my life, my husband and everything into His hands. 

Good-bye 2012!

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