December 28, 2012

I can Wedding Car decorator

2 weeks ago, a friend's fiancée thanked me for agreeing to help with their wedding car decoration. I was like,"What??!!". To spare the groom from any trouble, I agreed knowing that he somehow forgot to ask me. -_-

Last night, Eunice and I put our wits and minds and sweat together, not knowing how or what to do. It's both our first time. 

But surprisingly, we did quite a good job (If I may say so myself) :p

We are happy.
The groom is happy.
The bears and flowers did not fly away en route to bride's house in Melacca. 

Yay! Job well done.

But please don't look under the bonnet. Some things are best kept unseen ;p 

It does shows our unprofessional-ism right?

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