December 9, 2012

The Lourve : A honeymooner style

A trip to Paris is not complete without a visit to the Lourve. I did my research before going and was informed that the fastest way to enter was through the side door and not the main entrance via the glass pyramid. OK, how do I explain? If you are coming in the Lourve from the north entrance via Rue de Rivoli,  the main gate (as seen in picture below) would be directly in front, the side entrance would be on your left,  just a short distance away.


With the Paris Pass, we could enter easily. There was absolutely no queue. In front of us were 3 other people and none behind us. We just walk through security and within  a couple of minutes, we were standing inside the Lourve.

There was just so much to see and since we didn't have all the time in the world, we decided to pick just a few and wander around.  And yes, take funny pictures. OK la. Just 1 funny pictures. We are not the usual oh-must-take-my-picture-at-every-spot kinda couple. 

Love the detailing. I want that for my dressing table. 

And the stairs. Makes me feel like a grande mademoiselle when I glide down. 

See what happens to naughty 'boys'. Haha..

Just like in the movies. Remember when James Bond met the new Q for the first time in Skyfall. I sit there and waited. No Q showed up. Sigh.. there goes my James Bond wannabe dream. 

Greek Mythology. 

Hercules or Zeus? Can't read French. 

Poor guy. 

Zeus maybe? 

Beautiful ceilings. 

And stone arches. 

A must see : The Mona Lisa.

 The crowd was huge. Thankfully, we managed to squeeze our way through. A close-up picture here.

The Banquet. Another famous piece. 

Some winged something. I'm bad in history. 

Going underground...

...for some Egyptian knowledge. 

Just my tired feet. Resting. Couldn't keep up with Rockstar. 


Yay for tummies!!

Real. Or not?

A fat man. 

After a few hours of wondering, we stepped out. Underneath the glass pyramid. 

The main area leading to all the halls. 

Outside facade. If you haven't notice. I have a thing for buildings and architecture. So yeah, expect lots of pictures of them from me :p Isn't it so beautiful? 

It was super tiring.. Wish we had more time to see more. 

Just 1 last picture. Us. Compulsory photo just to say that we have been to The Lourve. :) 
*curi-ted from Rockstar

Till then. More on Paris coming... 

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