April 25, 2012

A trip up Kuala Selangor

2 weeks back, Malaysia declared a public holiday in honour of our new king's installation. My family decided to take a drive up to Kuala Selangor for seafood and fresh kampung *countryside* air. 

Since it was a last meeting thing, as usual, not everyone could make it. In the end, only 1 van headed up. 

And it seems like everyone had the same thought. We waited almost 2 hours for lunch to be served.. I was so hungry that I could eat a horse :) but the wait was worth it... because when the food came... gosh!!! Just imagine.. hot pipping Chinese food... Oh Chien (fried oyster omelet),  fish gut, steam fish, fried sotong and crab!! We were all so hungry that the food was gone super duper fast..

After lunch, we walked around to buy some stuff. I like walking thru old towns like this. So many interesting things to see. We bought some keropok, dried noodles, biscuits, fish balls, fish cakes, other fishy stuff and more fishy stuff. 

My sister and I were waiting in the car for my parents and aunt at the fish market. She on her book, me on ipad playing Chinese Checkers. Slightly before 5pm, she said, "Jie, is the van shaking?" I stopped, looked at her and said, " Yeah". I panic a little, started looking around but everyone was minding their own business. She ask, "Is it an earthquake?" I look at her and said," We are GOING TO DIE!!!!" :)

*for those who don't know. There was an earthquake in Indonesia. And yes, I felt it. My first time ever. 


On the way back, we stopped by Ijok. And while waiting for my dad and aunts to haggle prices over some humongous green bananas, I play around with my phone and ipad camera. :)

It was bright and sunny. Just the day you wished you stayed home under the air-conditioner. 

But once you are out there, it's all so worth it.. 

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