April 2, 2012

BBQ-ing in the Dark

Woke up this morning to overcast sky and the sound of rain... So tempted to climb back to bed and snuggle with my blankie..Oh, wishes...wishes... same as wishing that money grow on trees..

Anyway, last Saturday was Earth Hour and my family decided to participate by switching off our lights.....

......and having a BBQ!!! Yes, we did switch of all the lights inside and outside, but after a while we realized the food were burning up cos we couldn't see it :) So, we took a vote and everyone agreed that our BBQ pit did not have to celebrate Earth Hour with us. 

The following pictures might cause squinting of eyes and some claims of blurry or blackish pictures. Oh well, its Earth Hour after all :)

Candles, good food, BBQ smoke....all that for a good cause..
Just my kinda thing for a lazy Saturday night :)

Anyone celebrated Earth Hour??

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