April 1, 2012

Elephant Leg

I injured myself on Thursday.
I pulled a muscle on my right leg calf.
Don't even ask me how it happened.
Then I thought I was a superwomen.
And limped around all day without any help. 
On Saturday morning, it hurt even much more.
But I still walked around in my heels. 
By nightfall, it had swelled up.
And my brother took a look at it and said 
"I hope you won't get elephantiasis."
That sacred me, seriously..
Which made me did some stuff to reduced the swelling,
and applied Counterpain.
Sunday morning bright and early.
I woke up still with slight pain.
But as the day passed. 
It got better and better.
At least now I can take steps.
Without feeling pain shooting up my leg.
And thought it still hurts when I touch my calf, 
the swelling has gone down.
Thank you God.
I don't want elephant leg. 

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