April 16, 2012

Laughing Stock

Wow! What a weekend.. So many things were happening... 

I had a workshop, a big family dinner, a drill competition, another family dinner and in between stuff like house chores, facebook-ing, Draw Something, charades, movies and stuffs.. But pictures on everything later.. 

This has been on my mind... 

2 years ago, we had a drill competition. When results were out, people were unhappy, and they requested for a recount and discovered that there was a miscalculations of marks. So what now? Results have been announced. Trophy, medals were given out. We had a big, long meeting and eventually, the decision was that the team that got the trophy will still represent the state in the national level. However, each company had to informed their members that the results were wrong. 

Can you imagine what I had to go through? I HAD to go to my company 3 weeks after the competition and informed them that we were actually not the champion but we could still keep our trophy. Gosh!!! What is the point of a fake trophy? 

I do understand that if I were in that position I would too. But I expect them to act like an adult and think like an adult and not get so driven by emotions. What is the point of re-announcing a new result that would not be valid? The only thing that someone can gain from that is self-satisfaction. And it proves how incompetent we are. You announced, and then you take it back. What a laughing stock! 

2 years later, yesterday to be exact, we had a drill competition again. This time the results were again unexpected. Not surprisingly, people were unhappy and they are appealing for a re-calculation of marks. I really don't know what to say or think. 

We did take precaution just in case what happened last year happens again. Marks were checked, and double checked and the judges sat together and discuss the results before announcing. 

What do they want again? A change in the results? Are they saying the judges are wrong and that we don't respect the judges decision. 

If I were in their shoes, and have lost the competition, I will tell my members that - Its OK. You have done your best. Try harder next year. God has a different plan and He have everything in control. 

No such crap.. or boohoo.. or cry out "Its unfair". So what? Life is unfair. If you are meant to win, God would have let you win.

I believe that everything have a purpose. God have everything in control. If I didn't win, I'll try harder. Gosh! I had so many losses in life. Things that I wanted, that I worked so hard for but did not get. Did I sit and complain about how unfair life is? No, if I did... I am sure people will laugh at me. I carried on with my life and try harder.... again and again. 

The committee did their best and I believe there are no mistakes in the marks. The judges sat together and discuss the marks and winners before announcing the results. It was all proper. 

I believe it is by God's grace that we got 2nd place. And I will continue to believe that He has everything in control.. If God meant for it to be, then so be it. I will trust in Him. 

So to all those who are crying out 'Its unfair'.. I feel you but I will let God be the judge. 


Eunice Lim said...

what i don't understand is why people seem to not 'like' it when 10thkl wins... not just last two years and this year... i really dont get it...

Esther Chew said...

yeah.. I think so too. Its like they have something against us or that we don't deserve to win.. or that they feel they are better then us. Maybe its because we have girls?