April 18, 2012

too much things on my mind

I just found out from an expert recently that the reasons for the pimples on my forehead is that I think too much.. so since I am not allowed to think too much *actually I am just too lazy to write*, here are some Instragram pictures from my last week.. *People who follow me on Instragram just bear with it k*

My feet and face during a makan-makan (food) trip to Kuala Selangor
Watches - Rockstar & I
Anything @ Pitstop Cafe... seriously, that is the name of the drink. 
Home-cooked nasi lemak during a extended family gathering. *delish*
Playing Charades & Hello Jack with cousins
Boots shined and prepped for Drill Competition.
10th KL BB Drill Team @ KL State Drill Competition 2012

i promise more in the next post :)

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