November 10, 2011

Welcome me back!!!

I’m back… 

I miss Malaysia!!!Nothing like home sweet home..Reach home a couple of hours ago.. .. 

It’s been a really really longggg and tiring trip.. 

Sorry for the lack of updates but China banned blogger & blogspot and I forgot about it… Its been terrible, not just because I cannot access facebook but I cannot access blogger… and I got so much to tell and record down…  

Anyway, just a short summary of where I was the last 2 weeks before the actual travel posts and photos appear… I left good ole Malaysia on 1st November 2011 for a 10 days trip. It was a sort of unplanned trip *horror for me* and I got so stressed out a few days before it… And it was all for nothing because we did not follow a single plan from my plan … *pfftt*. Here’s a summary of our trip :

LCCT --> Macau --> Zhuhai  --> Hong Kong --> Zhuhai --> Shenzhen --> Hong Kong --> Shenzhen --> Zhuhai --> Macau --> LCCT 

I lost count of the number of boats I jumped on or the number of of immigration I went through but I think I filled up 3 pages on my passport within this 10 days…and I think I really broke my bank account… And I walked enough to last me till the end of this year :( Returning home after this long tiring trip makes me want to swore off globetrotting...but then, I think I’ll just wait a bit because I won’t be surprise if the travel bug bites again :)

Till then peeps…

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