November 14, 2011

family fun!!

My family is sorta big as compared with other normal family and by family, I meant all the partners as well. And since we are so big, we have difficulty finding time to meet cos we are all so super busy.. But we grab whatever opportunity we can to meet up and have fun and most of the time to eat :) Here's what we did the last couple of weeks. 

Before I left for my 10 days trip, we decided to meet up and after so long planning and deciding on where to eat, to finding that the place we wanted was close, we ended up at Restaurant Seafood South Sea @ Subang Airport. It was a weekend and it was crowded with people... 

Tidbits RM3 each, Beancurd RM38.50,                                 Deer Meat RM35, Lala RM40, 
Vegetable RM20, Cat Fish RM62                                         Chicken RM60, Squid RM30

Total bill : RM375.50 for 11 pax. I must say that the food is good especially the chicken but the price is not worth it. I can eat the same quality of food or even better elsewhere for a much cheaper price. But as always the company is good :) We had fun playing with insects :) And even though I so much want to put up pictures of it, I can't cause I forgot to take pictures of the human beings again :( and of cause no pictures of insects. I don't want some animal rights group people coming after me... I didn't do anything *innocent face*

Our favourite hang out/ makan place... dim sum@ Sungai Buloh Old Town... Cheap, good, fast :) Total bill normally come up to RM40 - RM70 depending on the number of pax and how hungry we are...


When I was away, my family started a workout session on Sunday evening and yesterday, Rockstar & I join them for the 1st time for a game of badminton... 

We played. We sweated. We laughed. We picked up shuttercocks. We ran around. We sweated more. We laughed even more. 

1 hour and I am totally wiped out. Need to start working on my stamina soon next month next year 

Daniel's Birthday is in a couple of days time and we decided to have an earlier celebration with a pizza feast at home :) Actually it wasn't suppose to be a feast. I made a mistake in my online order and accidentally keyed in the wrong code and we had a total of 6 large pizzas, 2 regular pizzas, 1 set of wings and 2 bottle of drinks for 7 of us. Crazy much!!!

Chocolate Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe is yummylicious and sinful-icious. I want MORE!!!

I just love my family even though we get on each other nerves or feet or something most of the time :) 

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