November 19, 2011

little green man christmas tree

Its Sunday night.

This week was absolutely hectic.. 

I got back from my 10 days holiday and its been work, work work and work non-stop.  My pimples are popping up and my eyes bags have made themselves a permanent feature under my eyes. I still have so much work to clear, I have a very upset and angry customer to pacify, I have tons of backlog paperwork and my car broke down again. Weekend was packed as it was the last Boys' Brigade meeting for the year 2011 and my twinnie had her engagement party in our house and my room was in a total mess. 

But then again Sunday night means a brand new week is starting :) and I am just thinking to myself.... there is just so many things to be thankful for. The fact that I am alive, and have my love ones around me is just the little things that I can thank God for. 

Anyway, since its the beginning of a new week and its almost a month since I wrote happy things; here are 10 things that made me happy lately:

1. I'm engaged... 
2. My fantastic and loving fiance. *must buy me lunch k.. and a couple of dinners too :)*
3. A brand new 64GB Ipad. Yay!!!
4. A couple of closed deals this week. Thank God. 
5. Playing badminton with my family and Rockstar
6. Cleaning my room. Yes! Clean room makes me happy...
7. Wind blowing in my hair... 
8. Flying, travelling, experiencing new things..
9. Eating Lord Stow's Portuguese Tart @ The Venetian and listening to gondolas singers singing their songs... 
10. Little Green Man Christmas Tree. When I first saw it, I went, "OMG!!! Little green men!!!" ...*technically they are not men but aliens :) Its Christmas in Hong Kong already and their decoration is so exciting!!! And since its such a happy thing, here are more pictures just to spread the smiles around :D

Smile and the world will smile back at you :)

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