November 3, 2011

Leadership Development Course 2011 @ Tagaytay, Manila

About 2 months ago, I was given the opportunity to conduct a training in Philippines. Read here first about my journey there. It was a 1.5 days training and since I have so many pictures to share, be prepared for an overloads of photos *muahahah** sorry, a bit caffeine overload :)

Breakfast on Day 1
Home-made sausages. Very full of meaty flavour and tasty..

Band practicing in the drizzle. They are really really good. Considering that they are all poor kids from the slum and have only been playing for less 4 months.. really really good. And they can play super duper lots of songs.. English, latest hits, christian song, just so many la.. 

Since I am so impressed with them, here are a couple of pictures of them..

11 year old boy :) darn good...

Briefing time..

The front row members who are wearing the blue uniform are from Bagio, and they are the 1st company in Philippines who got their uniforms. The other companies still cannot afford them.. Currently they just buy the cheap white polo shirt and iron on a BB badge.... 

Marching in of the Philippines flag and BB Philippines Colours .. Their marching was kinda funny for me not because they were no good but because they were following Philippines military drill and their steps were short and quick.. felt like fox trot quick step to me :) 

Groups of scouts from Grace Christian College arriving to join us..

Me class. From an original number of 38 people, my class increased to 62 people..
Personally I felt, it was too big. I couldn't even remember all their names or even talk to all of them individually.. And their age group was so large, from 9 years old to teachers/ officers...

Teacher Esther

*picture by Jessa Joy, taken from her FB

Lunch time :)


They enjoyed it so much.. erm.. at least some of them did, I think :)

Again the 11 year old boy.. Darn malu for 10th KL members now loh -_-

Teacher Yee Khai helped me conduct 1 session. Yay!!

Played the'Hammer' game with them. I think I exhausted all my ice-breakers and games with them.. They enjoyed playing more then listening to me.. Maybe I am too boring for them -_-

BB officers who attended my class. 

Ok. Enough of the hammer game.

Day 2 starts cold, rainy and with very strong wind.. As mentioned, Typhoon Mina visited us.. 

Breakfast Day 2. 

I like the fried/ roasted/ grilled traditional meat. Really yummy...

Test time!!! Since everything was so last minute and we didn't manage to print out the test papers, I used the power point to flash out the questions and they write their answers down on a paper.. Quite a number of them don't even have a pencil or pen and have to share them/ take turns using 1 pencil.. 

1 hour later, end of test.. which also marked the end of the  training. 

Here's the closing ceremony. 

1 of the BB company members (who were also the same people playing in the band) did a creative drill for us... my only thought *speechless*... young people can do amazing things when they put their mind to it.. 

CCT Staff performing some dances.. which was a mixture of Philippines, village and Spanish and love songs... 

Certificate giving ceremony..

*picture by Jessa Joy, taken from her FB

Yep, that is a big size scout.. :)

*picture by Jessa Joy, taken from her FB

I think the following is the most pictures of myself all in a row in this blog. 

Trainers + BB Philippines
Back : CaptainYee Khai, 1st Serdang Company
Middle Row : Mdm Angie (former 10th Kl officers), Paw (wife of Paul), me la
Front Row : Paul (BB Philippines Acting President), Francis ( BB Asia)

*picture credited to Mdm Angie

A BB boy instructor, me & Elmer, nurse cum BB officer

Scouts & me :)

One of the more experience senior girl member there :)

11 year old boy and me

Jessa Joy, me & Szanshine. The wind blows... 

And finally, some evaluation. Funny things that the kids said that just made my day. It makes teaching them so worth meaningful. Its not every day that you get to heard thank you from members *hear that 10th KL members!!!!*

And that its the end of the Leadership Development Course 2011.. 

But not for my trip to Philippines thought... more travel post coming up next :p

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