November 16, 2011

About eating and humility

I know I’m suppose to blog about my trip to China & Hong Kong & Macau but since I couldn’t access blogger in China and had so much time *yeah right*, I’ve edited my Philippines trip photos so will blog about this first..

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One thing I like about Philippines is their hospitality and service towards people. Everywhere I go, I meet all kinds of people who are just so nice and hospitable; from the cleaners and gardeners at the training center who greeted us every time they pass us, to the sweepers on the street, to the waiter at the restaurant, to the co-BB workers who fed us, the men who stood up each time a lady *me* approach them, everyone, just everyone is so courteous and polite and kind. *take that people who abuse treat their Filipino maids badly. My entire perspective on Philippines changed after that trip.

And about food, during my time there, we were brought to so many places to eat. I’ve already blogged about my first dinner here. On the 2nd night, a very wet, wet, wet night, we were brought to this well-known restaurant called “Josephine” and I had my first taste of Philippines food.


Ferocious and strong wind blowing outside.

Pineapple juice                                         Herbal Tea

Pork Knuckles. Very crunchy… *don’t you just love this place already?*

Some vegetables which I forgot the name..

Laning. A gooey, slimy-ish type of Philippine vegetables that its surprisingly very good, amidst its appearance. I really like it…

Seafood tomyam, I think.

Kare-kare. Not curry, like in Malaysian but a type of peanut broth cooked with seafood/ chicken/ meat with vegetables. Yummy!!!

Fried local fish, I can’t recall the name. Didn’t like it much as there was too much bones and so little flesh.

Our big group, sitting on a very long table. 

Ube Jam is popular in Tagaytay. It is produce by Bahay Pastulan (Shepherd’s House), started by a nun. It’s so well-known that even people from all around make that long drive up just to purchase them.

 Taste? Like a yam jam. Tasty and purple.. 


On the 3rd night and last night there, we were brought to yet another well known nrestaurant called “The Greek Tavern”, which served Greek food. It supposedly had a view overlooking the volcano but since it was pouring and misty, our view was blurred and all I could see/take were mountains covered in mist.

They had a rustic traven-ish looking place with just a hint of old elegance. I like... 

Huge coconut...

Feta Cheese

Beef Lasagna

Grilled Lamb Shoulder

Towards the end of dinner, the mist lifted. However, it was already too dark to see the volcano. All I could capture was distant lights from the villages.. 

Next morning, we were brought for a breakfast buffet to this place called "Bag of Beans". Just the name of it sounded so inviting and promising. 

How often do you get a buff looking guy cooking omelet for you in the morning?  

Breakfast was fantastic but I was more captured by the interior of the coffee shop. There is 2 parts to the shop, one area is indoor with cosy Moroccan-ish feel and the other is outdoor garden where you can sit and enjoy the coolness of the morning breeze, hear the birds chirping, water trickling and tiny bird wind chime..erm.. chiming... There is also a resident myna bird who could talk to you and ask you "What's you name?"


After breakfast, we were brought to see the volcano. Finally!!! After 3 days of staying in a volcano, I get to see the volcano.. This volcano is kinda unique *maybe all volcanoes are *.. but this volcano started out like this. There was once this volcano called Taal Volcano which was originally a huge volcano towering at 18,000 feet up in the sky. And then it became small. How?A lake called "Taal Lake" formed inside the volcano and an island called the 'volcano island' appear inside the Taal Lake. The volcano island is now known as the Taal Volcano. And it is still active!!! In actual, the whole Tagaytay is part of the volcano ridge.  

Hotel Taal Vista which had the best panoramic view of the Taal Volcano. 

This is us posing on an actual volcano ridge - Tagaytay Ridge, which belongs to Taal Volcano. 
Francis, me, Angie, Mr. J, Mr. Low

Maybe 1 day I will be back to take a hike into the Taal Volcano, the island volcano in the middle of Taal Lake... 

Before we left Manila, we were brought visit a community home started and sponsored by Mr. J. As we near the place, the van had to slow down as there were street children playing and running in the middle of the street like its their backyard. However, they know when its the time to attend classes at the community center. Just look at the joy on their faces as they learn to sing a new song "Dalam Yesus, Kita Bersaudara" which Francis taught during the training camp. Even thought they don't understand the words, they sing loudly and with all their hearts. I just wonder when will the children back in 10th KL ever sing like this.. 

Their playground in the community center. The children in Malaysia should see this playground and thank God for their beautiful, colourful playground... The building on the right is were a church is being build now with rooms on the ground floor for school classes. 

Thank you Mr. J for all your generosity and kindness.. 

I left Philippines humbled. Sometimes, we all need trips like this to put our thoughts/ life/ work back into perspective... 

Make a difference... somewhere, somehow....

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