November 21, 2011

Style Magazine: Shu Uemura Workshop @ Kissaten

Two weekends ago, me twinnie and I had the opportunity to attend a makeup workshop co-organized by Shu Uemura and Style Magazine held @ Kissaten Coffee & Restaurant, Palms Square. Truth be told, I was kinda lost... I meant, I barely put make-up unless drawing my eye counts :). But I did learn a lot from Lisa, the make-up artist. 

My ka chang aka. tools...

Foundation, eye liner and some other unidentified bottle...

A blur shot of me cos then you don't get to see my freshly washed face and forehead covered with pimples and my 'jungle' eyebrows. *vainpot*

Me twinie lining her eye with Shu Uemura Gel Eyeliner..

Our make-up artist, Lisa Yap and her model. I first met Lisa about 2 years ago when I entered Shu Uemura to get my eye brows done. Since then, me twinnie and I... she more often then me... look for Lisa to get our eye brows done cause Lisa just does the most amazing eye brows ever. I think she is the top eye brow expert in Malaysia.. But be prepared to pay extra and allocated a longer time frame if you want her to do your eye brows.. :)

Q & A session. 

Our messy table. 

I should post an after picture with my make-uped face but since my twinnie is having that after picture, I will post it up later. 

So here's what I learned from the workshop:
1. Did you know that when you apply foundation, you first even out the liquid on your sponge? Start with your checks, 9 - 11 times, chin 3 stroke, above lip 3 stroke, nose, nose side, nose wing; then forehead 3 stroke on the left, 3 on the right. Your forehead should get the least foundation. 
2. When you apply your eyeliner, start with a light colour and blend it downwards. For dark colour, start blending from the outer corner. Dark colour should not be more then 1/3 of your eyelid. 
3. When you line your eyes, don't forget to line the inside of your eye; the part between your eye lash and your eyeballs. 
4. Don't colour your eye brows. Use short feathery stroke..

Ok. That's about all I can remember from a 3 hour workshop. Fail!!! In my haste to learn everything, I forgot to take notes. But its fine cos I have a 'sifu' living in the same room as me.. Will just call for help whenever I need :)

Thank you Lenny for the invites.. 

Ok, its time for bed. I need my beauty sleep. I don't like you, pimples!!!

Travel post coming up next, I hope :)

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