July 26, 2011

Saying good-bye to Atria Shopping Centre

Those who have lived long enough would have heard of Atria Shopping Centre. It was once a thriving premier shopping centre located in in the middle of the Damansara Jaya and was visited by throngs of customers everyday from all over. As years gone by, it slowly lost its customers to the newer and more vibrant shopping centre. And thus, Atria Shopping Centre was relegated to a small, cosy neighbourhood mall. 

Even though I have not been here for long, I have heard of stories from customers about their memories in Atria, where they hang around there during their school days, or the shops they use to visit or how they use to date in this building. And it does not matter where they have gone too or how far they have moved away, they still remember 'Good Ole Atria'. 

However, in keeping up with the current demands of society, the management of Atria have decided to re-developed it. As such, we (the tenants) are requested to leave this place. Is always sad saying good-byes but it must still be done. Here are some photos in memory of Atria. 

The ever-popular KFC

Now closed. 

Esquire Kitchen (moved to the shoplots outside, I believe its just a few doors away from Maybank)

Money Changer

FJ Benjamin Boutique

Boutiques & Gift shops

JE Enterprise - The popular place for Playstation fans & The Uniform Shop (moved to the shoplots outside. same row as Public Bank)

Psalms Oasis Souvenir & Gifts

Corridor. Silence. 
Eye Candy. (moved to 10 Boulevard)

Xpress Cut (moved to the shoplots outside. same row as Dominos)

Planet 365 (moved to Kelana Mall)

In appreciation to its tenants, the management of Atria organized a Get Together Dinner before the doors of Atria finally closes.

Dinner provided by Seri Penang. Absolutely delicious lamb. 
Briefing began by an OSK staff. 

The new development for Atria is planned with office suites and 5- storey shopping mall in mind. I have taken pictures of the slides presentation. More information is shown there.

Katherine (Atria's Complex Manager), me and Billie (Atria's Admin)

If you have not said your good-byes, it's still not too late. Atria Shopping Centre will be officially close on the 1st August 2011. Farewell, Atria Shopping Centre. 

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