July 14, 2011

Life's like that

I just love working from home.

This morning, I woke up to the sound of rain and decided to stay n bed longer... *bliss* I don't have to brave the crazy traffic. I don't have to get dress and put on my make-up. I don't have to greet anyone "Good Morning" except my parents and the birds chirping outside my window...

I get to decide if I want air-con or not... and not have to put a jacket on if it gets too cold... or just switching the fan on and throwing the windows open... I get to feel the sun-rays and hear the neighbours shouting at each other..

I get to taste my mum's cooking almost every day *yummy*.. that's why I'm putting on weight... but I cut down on expenses cos no more expensive lunches ..yay!!!

I get to spend more time with my parents. They are not getting any younger. My dad's hair is almost white :) My mum always have aching bones. According to her medical report, her bone have became so brittle and its reaching  the danger level. It's scary as my mum have always been the active one. I keep telling her to slow down and to take things easy but its not that easy for her... Being at home allows me to keep an eye on them and that I am thankful for...

I get to do my 'business' in my own toilet and not worry it it stink up the whole office :)

I can even put up legs up on the table and no one will scold me for it...

Life's just great, ain't it? 

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