July 25, 2011

Dim Sum @ The Dim Sum Shop

For those who live in Sungai Buloh, you will know of this row of development called "TSB" that have recently sprung up in place of the former MSG (Malaysian Sheet Glass Berhad). The very first shop that open is a restaurant called "The Dim Sum Shop". About 2 weeks ago, since we all had a Saturday morning off, my family decided to check it out. 

One thing about my family is that we like dim sum. Almost every week, someone will shout out "Let's go for dim sum".  And when we eat dim sum, we order a lot... and most of the time, we end up feeling extremely full and oily :)

Our 1st order
Our total order
My dad's favourite - Brinjal 
The all-favourites - Siu Mai  & Fish Ball
Prawn & Char Siu Chee Cheong Fun
Siu Loong Pau (The skin was a bit too hard)
Fried Lobak
Loh Mai Kai (Not good - Too hard and sticky)
Freshly-fried Fried Lobak (Yummy! We ordered a few helpings of this)
As you can see, some of the food were already half eaten. My family didn't want to wait while I took pictures. :) After a while, I stop taking them as the food were fast disappearing.. 

What's the damage? Out total bill came up to RM77.20 for 6 person...actually 4 as my parents didn't eat much. Slightly more expensive then normal.. A few hits and misses with the food but overall, its an good place for dim sum with a clean environment and fast service.

A free Saturday (which only happen like less then 10 times a year), good food and great company, what more do I need?

The Dim Sum Shop
3, Jalan Nautika Au 20/A,
Pusat Komersil Sungai Buloh,
Shah Alam, Selangor
017 - 626 7026 / 017 - 377 8434

I feel like pinching the cheek of this cute boy playing with his toy plane sitting at the next table, don't you?

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