July 6, 2011

Never wear just one perfume all the time

Joke of the day

I was fetching Becky (my youngest sister) to school today. In the car :

Becky : Che, do I smell funny?
Me : No, why?
Becky : Cos I spray 3 types of perfume
Me : Why did you do that?
Becky : Cos the instruction on the bottle said ' Never wear just one perfume all the time,.....'
Me : ROFL!!!!

Such innocence :)

Some random photos of the last week.... and some this week...

Rockstar surprised me with preview tickets to watch Transformers last Tuesday. Woohoo!!! And guess what? The transformers were there too... and its my favourite good guys... Bumblebee and Optimus Prime!!

Our favourite type of dinner... Yeah, I know... we are both unhealthy people...

Shilin Taiwan Street Snack XXL Crispy Chicken
Molten Lava Macaroons : Orange, Strawberry, Vanilla, Green Tea, Cappuccino, Pistachio
Molten Lava Churros with Chocolate and Caramel Drizzle
Oh... and Peel Fresh Orange... at least got something more healthy :)

Molten Lava
Lot LG312B, Lower Ground Floor Oval, 
1 Utama Shopping Centre New Wing
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya

I was at 1 Utama today and decided to sign up for the One Card.. Yeah, its long overdue... Anyway, 1 Utama were having some sort of promotion when you purchase certain amount, you get free stuff... So I got some air-tight sealed container with a cooler bag... Usable :) and being a Maybank Cardholder has its perks cos I got this 2 cute containers as well.. Actually I was suppose to get the tea pot + cup.. but doesn't this tiny red checked pots with tiny wooden spoons look cuter :)

Oh, and they also had this limited edition One Card. You can choose either Optimus Prime & Bumblebee... I actually like Bumblebee better but Optimus Prime look wayyy cooler in this card :)

Oh, and they gave free postcard too...

Ok, I don't know why I'm bloggin about this... Transformer craze!!!

Even though I hate getting stuck in traffic jams.. sometimes you just need to see the beauty of it... Being stuck in traffic jam allows me to whip out my camera and snap pictures of the beautiful sunset... and the brake lights :)

Was at the Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) 2011 last weekend... Its crazy how many Malaysians are  into diving..

Anyway, I finally did it... I sign up to get my PADI OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE!!! Anyone wanna join me? I got special rate :)

Oh, and check out the pink flippers beside that guy's head... I even saw pink goggles and pink snorkel.... Can you imagine me all deck out in a pink dive suit with pink accesories... haha... oh wait, maybe I should get purple..

So excited to dive... can't wait!!!!

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