July 8, 2011

I came, I saw, I do something

OK. I try to stay out of political stuff. I meant, I do read news and stuff but it really irks me when people starts complaining about our government or this person or that person because I really really and I meant really can’t stand complainers… Oh, I can talk with you about current issues and stuff but if it’s not beneficial, don’t waste your time on me because I am not going to sympathize with your oh-our-government-its-corrupted…  

I believe most people, except those living under a stone, knows about the ‘Bersih’ thingie? Its all over the news, all over the internet, all over facebook, all over the mamak store, all over the public toilets and basically all over our lives. And suddenly overnight, we have so many people who are suddenly so gung-ho in demanding for justice and fair election; when on every other normal day… its like ‘Naj** who?’. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against Bersih…. or for Bersih… I am just saying that if I were me, I would do it a different way if I want to make a difference.

Firstly, do something within my means. I do not believe in sweating + walking + shouting…( it may work for some). For me, I will prefer sweating over something that I can make a difference … *Control-freak in me appearing*….Something like sweating every Saturday over and with a bunch of young people and hoping someday that maybe one of them will make a change in my country :)

Secondly, joining the Police/ Air Force… I guess the adolescence dream in me never died. I always wanted to join, work my way up and become the highest rank like superintendant or something… Oh, no use bribing me because I WON’T TAKE IT!!! I rather argue with a policeman and accept a summon then pulling out a couple of dollars from my purse to give them. Hello people!! You think you are saving yourself from a few hundred? Maybe you are but you are killing your country instead. It’s because of people like you that bribery is so rampant…  

Thirdly, stop seating around the table over a cup of teh o ais complaining. Want to have a ‘Bersih’ country? Try looking around you and picking up rubbish around. Don’t litter. Just because there are cleaners or rubbish collectors or road sweepers, doesn’t mean you can throw anywhere you like. Don’t forget, you are paying for them out of your tax money. Every tiny bit that everybody does will help and make a difference in having a cleaner country. Cleaner roads, cleaner environment, cleaner citizens, and eventually cleaner government. *idealistic me*

Fourthly, have extra time on Saturday weekends? Try volunteering yourself at the local orphanage or old folk homes. Spending time with just 1 or 2 of them will mean so much. At least you can say you can make a difference in someone’s life. Enough said.

Fifthly, get into law school, learn all about how the government works and run for prime minister.. Just imagine… Esther Chew, Prime Minister of Malaysia. Muahahahaha……

OK. I think I better stop before I start stepping on anyone toes. All I want to say is that if I want to make a difference…I will be that difference. I will do something worthwhile (something that doesn’t cause traffic jams) and something that is within my control :)

This post is written out of frustration and sheer boredom and it’s solely the opinion ranting of an idealistic and peace-loving author who strongly believes in changing the world one step at a time. 

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