November 28, 2010

laughter, crapping and more crappings

My 2 elder sisters and BILs were in Cambodia during the recent stampede incident. And our whole family, distant relatives and even neighbours were so worried about them as we could not get thru their phone and there was no news from them... The only comfort I got was a " :) " posted on one of their Facebook wall ...*the wonders of FB*... and the news on The Star stated there was no foreigners involved..

But they arrived back safely on Thursday *Thank You God* and I blew off 2 friends birthday celebration last Friday... Sorry Mark and Michelle... to have dinner with the whole family...

Dinner with my family means 3 things... laughter, crapping and more crapping... My family is very different... We talk lots of rubbish, as the number of highly imaginative and creative people is at a ratio of 10/12... and we laugh alot... I meant really stomach crunching, tears dripping, incoherent words laughter... 

My eldest sister is known as "The Joker" in the family. She have a gift of retelling funny stories and acting them out.. and her loud addictive laughter makes everyone laugh without knowing what we are laughing about.. My second sister is know as "The Joke". Why? Because she is always being make fun off.. We are NOT mean. She is just fun to laugh at.. My younger brother and sisters have very imaginative minds. One idea can lead to another and another and when everyone chips in a thought... Its becomes mind-boggling.. My dad is a super duper lame joker. I meant really really lame. I used to squirm in embarrassment whenever my friends were around and he gets into one of his lame-nobody-can-understand jokes. Me? I'm the one who roll my eyes and give them a "you are so lame" stare..

I miss all of this now. My 2 eldest sisters have gotten married and moved out, its much harder to meet together as we are all busy with work... But whenever there its an opportunity, I'll grab the chance to have dinner together again...*not many times but I'm trying la*. Who knows? 5 years down the road, we will all be too busy with our own lives, work and family to enjoy the fun times that we had together...

I have learned to appreciated all of this.. Not many families out there enjoy the easy-going, crazy, friends way my family is.. Sometimes, after a long tired day at work, being with them is so relaxing and de-stressing...And lately, that's all I want to do *being anti-social :)*

So just a word of advice to everyone, remember to value your family... You won't regret this..

and to my sisters, if you are reading this... COME BACK FOR DINNER/s MORE OFTEN!!!!

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