November 3, 2010

Zara Warehouse Sales @ Atria

This morning, as I arrived at my shop in Atria outlet, I was greeted by this..

And you know why? It's because of this..

*pic credited to Shopping n Sales

Zara Warehouse Clearance
Date : 4th- 7th November 2010
Venue : Atria Shopping Complex, Damansara Jaya
(2nd floor, just down the corridor from my shop)

It's crazy. People are queuing up way before it even opens. Not only that, its a WORKING DAY!!!! Don't this people have work to do? And it's not only the ladies... I see lots of men too. And I highly doubt that they are there just to carry their girlfriend or wife's bags.

And even as I am typing this, the queue is reaching my shop..

Sorry for the lousy drawing :)

Blue = Zara Sales
Red = Psalms Oasis
Yellow = Other shops

Should I pop in and have a look later? Just a quick look..


Anyway, if you are reading this, do drop by.. Not for Zara warehouse Sales but to the red shop as shown above.. Our new t-shirts have arrived and just as I was in the midst of typing this, another few boxes came. Not sure what's inside yet but drop by and find out k?

See ya..

p.s. Payless is having their Warehouse sales downstairs at the concourse area too...only till this Sunday..

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Esther Chew said...

This year sale..