December 1, 2010

Leave me alone!!!

I'm so super duper busy and I get so tired at the end of the day that all I wanna do its to curl up on my bed and sleep... oh, and maybe a massage... I really need them... Lack of sleep is making me grumpy and irritated... and its bad cos I'm in a retailing industry.. I actually gets frustrated when customers walk into the shop *eyes roll*... I think its cos of the messed up sleeping time and the metal exhaustion of constant "I NEED TO FINISH MY WORK NOW!!!! I'm running out of time.. So leave me alone. Don't bother me. Go layan yourself".... Retailing something sucks because when people start to enjoy the holiday or festive season, we have to work extra hard and long..

Anyway, talking about that....'s DECEMBER!!! Yay... Christmas its just around the corner... and if you haven't started on your Christmas shopping yet, drop by my shop.. cos we are having SALES!!!! Oh wait, not exactly Sales as we need to apply licence for that... so its BEST BUYS!!!! It's about the same actually *duhhh* and its up to 40%.. *while stock lasts ok* so come grab them fast, do your shopping... and say hi to me.. I promise not to snap at you :)

Anyway, I need to go soon but here's something to bring that gleam into your eyes if whatever I said above "Christmas Best Buy" does not attract you...

The Atria Shopping Centre list of Warehouse Sales and Fair for the month of December...

1. Metrojaya Christmas Men's Fair ( 1st - 19th Dec) @ Concourse Area
2. Crocs X'mas Warehouse Sale (2nd - 5th Dec) @ 2nd Floor
3. Levi's Dockers Best Buy (10th - 14th Dec) @ 2nd Floor
4. Branded Sale (16th -19th Dec) @ 2nd Floor
5. Bata Warehouse Stock Clearance (23th Dec - 2nd Jan) @ Concourse Area

All happening at the Atria Shopping Centre, Damansara Jaya...

It's better get to bed now before I start chasing customers out the shop..

Oh wait, one last thing... 2 shipments came in last week, another 2 shipment came in today and awaiting another 2 this week.. So lots of new stuff and goodies to check out...


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