November 24, 2010

perky breast

After yet another tiring day, I decided to take a breather tonight...  Watched some TV and flipped through my barely-opened October 2010 issue of Female magazine.

As you know, October is Breast-Cancer Awareness month and there is this article under the Beauty 101 section on "10 ways to beautiful breasts". The article asked "Are you taking good care of your breasts?" and listed 10 ways you can have beautiful breasts naturally.

And, yes... I did read through the article... not because I want or need to have beautiful breasts.. cos my breasts is already beautiful, thank you very much. but more out of curiosity (come on, don't tell me you won't be curious too?)... OK, enough of my breasts...

Something caught my eyes.. No.3 is about the "Cold Treatment". It say, quoted directly from the article, "Whenever possible, soak your breasts in a large bowl of ice water for a few minutes before going to bed. Women who have tried this swear it works to keep breasts perky and firm... "

Hmmmm..... Anyone in need of perkier breasts?

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