November 2, 2010

When you grow up...

....., you will understand.

Heard that before? I'm sure most of you have when you were young.. from parents, annoying older siblings, some aunties.. yeah, you get what I meant..It's frustrating, right? 

But, have you heard that when you are freaking 25-years old???

Just now, as I was about to close for the night, a family walked in. Why is it that customers walk in whenever I want to close? Why can't they come in the afternoon when it's super catch-flies-quiet... It's like they 'pakat' together trying to make me go back as late as possible. It's Murphy's Law. Not wanting to be rude, I hide my frustrations.. after all, they are customers... and I actually didn't mind staying back later except that I have a hot date tonight *winks*

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Well, the father wanted to get a t-shirt, saw one that says "In God We Trust" and when on a long explanation about something US and cashier and some stuff. I wasn't in the mood to talk. I am tired and I wanted to go for dinner, so I gave my blurest look and said, "I don't know what you meant. *which I feel so totally guilty about thinking about it now* I promise, I'm not like that. I normally enjoy talking to (most) customers... really *pinky swear*

Then, he drop the line... the line that made me stopped, stared with my mouth hanging wide open, gaping like a fish out of water...

He said, "It's OK. When you grow up, you will understand"


*pulls myself higher and gave my haughtiest look* I am already grown-up. Thank you very much.


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gapnap said...

you look too young