November 8, 2010

a hero...

I'm getting attached...

Attached to a guy in blue :)

I almost cried when I watch this...

*scene from Justice League - Hereafter

Superman died *sob*sob*... Not technically as he was actually send to the future but it was so sad... They had a funeral for him and the whole word cried...


And I just found out I have Justice League fans in 10th KL too.. :)

The world seems to be getting smaller...

I was away in Peacheaven, Genting over the long weekend for a 10th KL Company officers planning meeting.. Had a great time getting to know each others, rub shoulders and emerged from it as friends :) But it's surprisely how well I thought we know each other but yet at the same time found out so many other new side to the others.. It is a weekend of knowledge gain, changed perspective and hope for the future..

A huge thank you to all who have been an encouragement or 'tried' to be an encouragement to me... It's what keeps me going week after week..
View from the bungalow on a cloudy day..

View from the bungalow on a cold day.. You can barely see outside as it was so misty... and it's the first time I bath in ice cold water in Genting.. *brrrrrr*

But I'm missing the coldness and wind... (PJ is so hot)

CHRISTMAS is coming!!! Can't wait..
* Just some random thoughts before I get back to work after being away for 3 days...

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gapnap said...

Justice League finally appears in your blog

-i won