November 1, 2010

What's it like being a Boys' Brigade officer?

....I actually wrote this last Friday but forgot to post it. So here's Friday's thoughts on a Monday. May it be an encouragement to those who burdened in silence. You are not alone...

Being a Boys' Brigade (BB) officer is no easy task. Being laden with responsibilities and commitment besides a full-time job is enough to make most people run away as far as they could. BB is not just a a once-a-week event but more like a full-time commitment. A commitment of your time, money, energy, heart and thoughts.

Thoughts running thru my head now:

1. Tomorrow's meeting is an outing to Skytrek. I have already registered 145 members (age 7 to 20) with another 16 officers, helpers and parents going. 3 different challenges, 5 time slots. Height limitation for each challenges. Insurances bought? Lunch confirmed? Water? Entrance fee of RM1 for ages 12 and below; RM3 for ages 12 and above. Skytrek bus only can fit 30 pax each time. Need more officers for the younger age groups. No signal at Skytrek, how to contact each other. Which officers heading which group? Bus leaders? Need to be at the course 1/2 hour before each time slot. Bus to Skytrek intervals is 20 mins. How to keep the other 100+ members occupied while waiting for their turn. First Aid kit? Some members meeting in school, some meeting at Bukit Cahaya. Who goes into each bus. Payment not make? Cheque prepared? Have to pay bus drivers. Collect money from members who haven pay. Update in facebook. Send email to all officer, NCOs & helpers.

2. Camping badge test and Target Badge test tomorrow morning @ 10am. Who is facilitating? All attendees informed? Test papers ready? Can finish in time before Skytrek? What attire should they come in?

3. College fellowship on Sunday. Venue? How many people? Time? What to say to them? Will all attend? If they don't, how do I connect with them? What are their commitment?

4. Next week, Officers SPW (Strategic Planning Workshop) @ Peaceheaven, Genting. Venue confirmed? Who is driving up? Have we paid? Accommodation? Who is sleeping where. Not enough toilets. Projector & Screen. Petrol, lunch, tea breaks. Key task to prepare. Email schedule to officers. Direction for next year. Changes in mission and vision. Programmes?

5. ROS submission & officers details. Admin work. Send list to BBM. Submit officers listing for ROS submission. Back-track officers list since 2001. Double-check with Mdm Mag & Mdm Angie.

6. Website & Facebook account. Brian have volunteered. Do up plan for him. What needs to be done. Photos, articles, who to write. Confirmed changes in website for Terrence. Update details in facebook.

7. BB club. SS Juniors will be converting to BB club next year. Info for BBM. Details of programmes for officers. Members informed. Commitment from school and teachers. PTA informed. Any loopholes? What is the procedures of converting. Any changes in structure. Sit with them to plan programme for next year.

8. Badgework test for whole company next Saturday. Who is in charge? Enough to watch them. Info communicated to members? Test papers prepares. Photocopy how many? How long? Attire of attendees.

9. BNTS & ANTS. Who passed? Who failed? Re-take test for those who failed. When? Where? Who? Asses those who passed. Remember to send back test to committee. 

10. NCO Outing next Saturday after test. Visit to Sunbeam homes. Cancelled. Aolani house? Transport. Food?  Who is going? Approved? Email send out?

11. Mentoring programme. Why no participation? Is it working? Survey. Planning for next year. Mentors training. Mentee learning.

12. Year end concert. Sponsorship. FGA. Chaplain. RM20K.

13. BB Month collection. Amount collected. Cards missing. Officer in charge. Bank-in monye. Next collection. Promotion. Prizes for top collectors.

14. Last meeting of the year. Programme. Briefing for next year programme. Games. Survey. Appointment. Prayer.

15. Awards Camp & Juniors camp. Payment. Participants. Transport. Requsition form. Helpers and officers attending. Enough numbers. Late registration. 

etc... etc..etc... So much jumble mumble? This is just thoughts at the moment. There are still gazillion other thoughts *bb-related* running through my mind and if I were to state them out, it will never end..

Sometimes things turn difficult, strength seems to fail, people mock us, problems keeps arising, the more effort that is put in, but no changes, our work seem to be futile, members complains, parents complains, school does not support, white hairs starts appearing, members leaving the company, spoilt demanding brats, uncommmited officers, waking up early every Saturday and you wondered "WHY on earth am I doing this?" , just remember that you are not alone.

Being a BB officer takes courage. And I just want to say kudos to all BB officers who have put in their time, money, energy and heart into this ministry. You have my respect and may you received abundant blessings, blessings beyond measures, blessings from above. What you sow, you will reap later.  

Thank you to all my officers who have worked hand-in-hand with me. Without you, I will not be able to carry this burden on my own.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And to those who have something against us BB officers, 3 words for you "Just try it" and you will know how much more blessed it is to give.

Serving with a heart of love and passion..

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Eunice said...

seriously ? you too ??? omg... and i tot i was weird =P

And yes i work at a bakery but not as a baker.... im not qualified la... but we do get to make small small pastries for sale and sometimes we make 'extras' ...

no free pastries la... but got 20% discount for cakes.... and i get to take leftover breads that are not sold,.... at first it was great... now im sick of it =/