July 3, 2010

Our 4th Year Anniversary

Clem , also known as the rockstar, and hence shall be called Rockstar in this blog *wink* and I celebrated our 4th anniversary of being a couple. Sounds weird to you? I told my mum about the anniversary and her exact reply to me was "Aiyah, you young people ar, why got celebrate anniversary one? Last time, after we get married only we got anniversary. Now, before getting married also got anniversary."

Haha.. that's my mum.. She didn't know that not only we celebrate our yearly anniversary, we celebrate our monthly anniversary too.. *shhh* Not in a big way la. Dinner, just the two of us kinda thing..

Anyway, that's what we did. We celebrated our 4th year anniversary of being in a relationship. Sounds like a very long time huh? Me too.. Sometimes I think back and it seems that it was just yesterday.. It's not like some couple who have been together for a gazillion years, but to us its something. When we first got together, we decided to just take a test run. Well, it seems like our test run became the real thing..

So what did we do to celebrate? Both of us were busy so we just decided to treat ourselves with a movie and dinner in KL. Why KL? Cos we are both PJ people, sort off, and we seldom go to KL unless necessary because of the super terrible horrible traffic.

So on that day, we got into the car, drove to KL, got stuck in traffic again and looked for a cheap RM5 parking. But it started raining. We decided to park in Starhill as we were planning to have dinner there and then headed to Pavillion to catch a movie.

After movie, walked around for a bit before heading to our dinner appointment at...... "JOGOYA". I was pretty excited as its been more than 3 years since I last went and I was super hungry. It was Rockstar first time there and he was amazed at the selection of food.

Round #1

Some hot pot thinige that we can choose and cooked food on our own with soup selection of normal, spicy and tom yam..

Round #2.
See the coconut on the far left. Tip : Take the sharp pointed coconut. Not the flat conconut (middle top of pic). Cos it taste so much nicer and different.

Shark fin with something steam dumpling

Erm.. Can't remember the name of this fish. Got to ask Rockstar.. I know we tried dory, cod, something, something and this fish...

U.S sirloin beef.
Cooked teppanyaki style. Must try. Its sliced so thin that you won't even think its beef until you taste it. Yum..
( Don't forget to try the normal beef also. Forgot to take a pic but it was fantastic. I really liked it)


Final round.. desserts!!! They had so many choices of ice-creams (limited choices with Baskin Robbins. much more with New Zealand ice-cream), cookies *yummy*, egg tarts *their speciality*, cakes, puddings, mochi, etc...etc...

So here are all the food that we had. Not all tho, as we were too excited and forget to take some pics. In Jogoya, go for the freshly cooked food as the place is quite cold (bring a jacket if you must) and the food gets cold very fast. So once it reaches your table, eat it fast. Teppanyaki is fantastic.. esp the beef. Oyster is definitely one-of-a-kind, according to Rockstar. All in all, it was a value for money meal considering that we paid only RM65 per pax for dinner.

After 2 and a half hour of indulging ourselves, we decided to head back to the car. As usual, we have to pay for our parking first. To our horror, Starhill does not have a maximum cap for parking fees. We paid RM17.50 for a freaking parking lot. And not only that, RM20 was inserted but only 0.50 cents change was returned. The machine makan our RM2. So I went looking for the security and finally they came to save our RM2. No way I am going to leave my RM2 behind and pay RM19.50 for parking. Its crazy. And they say Pavillion's parking is expensive *roll eyes* Rule No.1 in KL. Park in a parking lot that have a maximum fee cap. If not, you will end up paying through your nose.

So that's our boring little celebration :)

Oh wait, I must not forget the presents. I'm definitely not going to talk about my gifts to him because it super lousy compared to what he gave me.

*drum rolls please*

My brand new Nokia 5530 XpressMusic.

And its pink in colour :p

Its super cool loh.. I really like it. Besides the fact that its pink, it has some cool functions that my old phone does not have *what to do, I from kampung mah*. I like. I like. :)

This is the 2nd handphone I got from him in our 4 years relationship. Don't you just love him. And he sacrifice buying himself a new handphone and bought for me instead. He so sweet.. Oh wait, I shouldn't call him sweet. It's bad for his macho man image. :p

I love you Rockstar. Happy Anniversary!!


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