July 8, 2010

We need more knights..

I think it has always been a young girl's dream that a handsome knight in shining amour will come riding on a horse and sweep her off her feet and they will live happily ever after. And this dream stays all the way with them till the day they die. For some, its a fairy tale ending. For others, it remains a dream.

But I'm here not to contemplate about fairy tales and dreams. I prefer to think about something more interesting *grin* ....the knight!

OK, most of the time, fairy tales are just childhood fantasies. But I do get my glimpses of knights in my everyday life.

Just the other day, I was at the shopping mall and was waiting for the lif to arrive. While waiting, a few guys came and stood to wait too. The minute the lif arrived and the doors opened, they barged right in without allowing people inside the lif to exit first. And not only that, they didn't bother holding the door open for others to enter but just stood there chatting among themselves. I felt like giving them a slap each *slap*slap*slap*. They were so ill-mannered. When we arrived at the next floor, not surprising, they barge right out without even giving me a chance to walk out. And then a knight came. A guy on the outside of the lif door held the door opened for me to walk out first before entering it himself. What a gentleman... *awww*

I'm not saying I am not capable of opening or closing my own doors. We girls are able and will open our own doors or buying our own drinks. But what we want is for a guy to treat us like a women.

Have you ever heard of the word "chivalry"?

Taken from wikipedia "Chivalry are often used to describe courteous behavior, especially that of men towards women". And from dictionary.com " The qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women."

OK that sounds abit deep but in laymen terms, its basically means how you treat women.

What happen to all our guys/ men/ boys nowadays? Haven't you heard of opening doors for ladies? Or letting them walk thru it first? Or holding the lift door for them? Or even allowing a lady to walk first before you?

OK, i can hear the thoughts going through your minds now. Nope, you are not being a loser or a wuss by acting like that. And nope, you are not losing your balls just because you open the door for a woman.

How difficult it is to open the door for a lady to walk thru? Or to hold the door of the lift and allow them to walk out first? Or even if you are not going out, just hold the door for them. It just takes a couple of seconds of your time and most of the time, you will be rewarded with a sweet smile and a thank you from them. *melts*

The thing is that nowadays, alot women believes that chivalry has long disappear and most males are just rough and ill-mannered creatures. Well, as much as I hate to say this, I know its still there. I know that you guys are capable and able to act in a chivalrous manner towards women.

But before you go all out to do your bit on chivalry, just a word of advice.

Don't act chivalrous in a show off manner. Most probably the woman will just think that you are a smooth-talker and won't take you seriously. And the guys will just laugh their heads off watching you.

If you want to be chivalrous, do it like its pat of you, like a habit. Don't do it to show off, and expect others to notice that you are acting chivalrous.

Some guys I know are brought up to be chivalrous. Like my brother for instance.. With 6 women in the family, he cannot but to be a gentlemen. He holds the door for us, he gives up his seat for us. For some guys, its not a norm. But its not too late to start practicing... You can start by holding the doors for your mums, or girlfriends..

It's simple... And it's worth it. Believe me :p


gapnap said...

Women now equal with men maa :P

Esther Chew said...

equal in certain ways.. but for a man to be a man, that cannot and should not be taken away..

James LSY said...

Should not be taken away but it's a dying art.

Anonymous said...

These days, men are trifled with en masse and masculinity is downright demonized. The very idea of respecting men for their physical superiority and their protective instincts is gone. In this environment, chivalry is nothing but servility.