July 4, 2010

Entrepreneur's Day & Pink Balloons

Yesterday, there was no BB meeting. Meeting was cancel beause the secondary school was having their Entrepreneur's Day.Yay!!! Haha.. that means no waking up earlier for a bunch of spoilt brats..

...Yeah right!! .

The Pearl Club of Sekolah Sri Sempurna needed help. Pearl Club in short is basically teachings girls how to be girls.

Cool right? Why didn't I have clubs like this when I was younger. :( Anyway, i heard that it is some kind of a loser club thingie because people make fun of them all the time because they join a girls club *roll eyes* such childish immaturity...

Anyway, they needed something to sell and asked me for some helped. So I allowed them to sell my products, Psalms Oasis, as well as LovePieces, an online thing that my sisters and I started but have since gone on a hiatus.

On Friday, as I paid a visit to a customer outlet, I noticed a party shop next door and I thought, why not? I popped in the shop and requested for some heart-shaped helium balloons. What better ways that heart-shaped balloons to spice up an event and to represent femininity. It was quite reasonably priced @ RM4 per balloon. (Raw cost - RM0.70, Helium-nized it - RM2.20, extra liquid for long lasting life- RM1.50). The nice sale guy gave me a discount la.. It's cheap la compare to some crazy florist who sells them for RM25 for 1 balloon. And I paid extra for the long-lasting-life liquid thingie as helium balloons can only last for 8 hours and I needed them only the following morning.

I requested for 2 pink hearts and 2 white hearts. Paid for my pwetty balloons and happily walk away and placed them in my car.

As I drove down the road, thinking about how pweety my balloons are going to looked... suddenly I was scared out of my skin by a BIIGG "BANG". OH NO!!!! 1 of my pweety pink balloon went pop :( 

With my sad face in placed, I headed back to the party store to pour out my sorrow to the nice store guy. After hearing my story, he gave me free balloons... Woohoo!!! Nah, he gave me only 1 free balloon after I paid for another 2 balloons. And to be on the safe side, I bought another 4 spare balloons. Learn lesson already ma..

My balloons happily bobbing in my car.

See the piece of pink rubber hanging below the pink balloon on the far right? Yep, thats the poor balloon that went POP!

Luckily, the balloons stayed with me till the next day.

Here are some pictures of the Pearl Club booth. They were also selling cotton candies, cup cakes and mushroom soup. There was also a game store called "Teddy Tales" where you get to throw toys into the holes cutout from cardboard. Most of them rather pay RM2 to throw at the cute girl manning the booth rather then at the holes.

Some other random booth and people.

I was there for 4 hours, hanging around before heading back home for a nap. *yawn* See how much sacrifice I make for my girls :p

I love my girls.. *even thought they are much taller then me and bullies me*

Fun event! Very noisy and young...

 p.s. if you are wondering what I meant by 'my girls', cos obviously I am not married.. My girls are actually girls who are under me in the Boys' Brigade.

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