July 30, 2010


* This is going to be a short post. An in-between Beijing & Tianjin holiday post.

Who or what is your Krytonite?

Just the other day, Rockstar ask me this question and I cheekily told him. "You". Then I turned around and ask him back but before he could answer, I smugly told him " I think is arrogance".. He laugh and said it was most probably true. See, I know him so well :p

Actually he said that he was going to blog about it but i beat him to it *yay*

I just wikipedia "krytonite" and this is what it says besides the usual superman stuff..

"The word kryptonite is also used in modern speech as a synonym for Achilles' heel, the one weakness of an otherwise invulnerable hero."

Thinking back about my answer, I think I was right. He is my Kryptonite. The all tough, independent, feminist Esther is not as tough anymore. I have a weakness. My weakness is him.


Sometimes I realise after being so long together, my dreams and aspirations have changed. I feel that I am no longer as ambitious as I when I was younger. I had found the One which I want to spend my whole life with and now nothing else matters anymore. I am happy where I am.

You might think.. "That's not good".

Well, but he is also my Energy Source or Energizer or whatever you want to call it. Whenever I am down or need to destress or release pressure, just a hug from him or time spend with him re-energize me. He inspires me and gives me hope to go through each day.

And I need him.

So who is your Kryptonite? Who is your Energy Source?


adeline said...

welcome to my life, gal... lol XP

Esther Chew said...

Haha... yep.. we are maturing aren't we.. haha :)