June 30, 2010

What have I done?

It's been quite some time since I wrote about something more serious instead of the usual girly babbles. So let’s talk about something more serious. Let’s talk about life.

Sometimes I feel like I have dual personality. One moment I fell like a teenage girl just given the key to enjoy whatever life has to offer. There are so many things to see, so many things to try, so many things to do, so many moments to enjoy. I skip around, feeling young, feeling free, and feeling alive. But at times, I feel so old with problems, worries and stress resting upon my shoulders. Eye bags showing, wrinkles appearing, bones starting to creak, late nights are getting tougher on me.

Where have all the years gone to?

Life can be like that. In just a blink of any eye, time has gone by. Never to return again.

Today is June 30th, 2010. Half a year has gone by and I caught myself thinking, what have I done?

I learned something when I was working in corporate. Twice a year, we got to do something called "Performance Appraisal" where we dig through old records, files, the whole mess to see where else can we get some points to justify why should be an A-performer instead of a B-performer. And every single time we are up for appraisal, you can just imagine the number of grumbles, complains and the "it's a waste of our time" comments I hear, one of them sound suspiciously like me *hide face*. Anyway, this is when my big boss comes and tells all of us to quit fooling around all he will fire us all :p haha..

...Nah, he is a nice guy. I remember he use to keep reminding us to record down all our achievements and what we have learn every week. Not just to complete our performance appraisal form but more for our own development.

...listen and learn from The Man.. Something so simple, yet difficult to do.

"I will write it tomorrow, becomes next day, and then the following week..Stop procrastinating. Sit down and get a pen and paper or just open a new word doc on your PC.

It's better to get it done the soonest possible. Just a couple of weeks ago, I had to submit a write-up about me and you know what, I spend so much time trying to remember my education path and childhood. Which year I graduated? Which year I started working? and etc..etc.. And it’s only been a couple of years ago.. What if its 10 years down the road? *smack head*

It doesn’t matter if it’s a lost tooth, an accident, a promotion, a pay increase, something your boss told you, something that you have learn, just write it down. I have learned the hard way and wished that someone have told me that before.

So here's my 2 cents worth of advice.. "Record before your life passes you by"..


gapnap said...

That is what blogs are for :)

Esther Chew said...

yeap, thats true.. but not all bloggers record everything they do.. n not all blogs are general life blogs..