July 27, 2010

What so interesting about Tianjin?.

If you think that Tianjin is just some random place you stopever (if you take Air Aisa la..) before you take a 2-3 hours drive to Beijing, I'm here to prove you wrong. Why? Cos I've stay in Tianjin for 3 days and it's quite an interesting place.


Check out he images below.

Look like London right?

And they got their own Effiel Tower.

I just love the balcony and the flowers below it. It's so beautiful, romantic and dreamy.

I got no idea what building this is. It just looks cool :) Like some transformer thingie..

Some massive shopping center.

Really unique shape and design.

Their almost-completed World Financial Center.

And their beautiful riverside clock tower.

Places of interest

Check out their night life. Really massive shopping area. Can beat Bukit Bintang... And its pack with locals (not foreigners..) till pass closing time on weekdays. Lets not talk about weekend k.. I meant, come on, don't Tianjin people have school or work or something??

Sorry la I don't have nice shots. My camera just don't seem to work as well at night.

Their Food/ Snack Street

Drum Tower Streat aka Guluo

Ancient Cultural Street

I know, I know.. the few place I mention were all shopping streets.. But well, I'm a girl ;p and shopping + cheap stuff = satisfied girl
We actually did not research about this place but requested a list of places to visit from the hotel reception and they gave us 3 names. So here are the 3 places we visited..

Food Food Food

A holiday is no fun without food :)

We found this awesome pau shop near our hotel. And it only cost 60cents for 1.. oh wait, was it 30cents.. Nevermind, is super cheap.. And the first time we ordered 12 pau for 4 person before we realize that people there orders 12 paus per person. It's like their full meal. But the bad thing about this shop is that the people are super rude and unfriendly. We got scolded eveytime we when there. Like we had to order, pay at the counter, walk into the kitchen, find the chef, hand the receipt to him, go out, collect our plates, sauce, chillies, chopstick, seat at the table and the pau will be served to you. And if you want to take away, you got to find the chef, take your own plastic bag, open it, and he will count and drop in the paus for you. How on earth are we suppose to know that??? And we keep getting scolded by them :(

Some kind of biscuit called "Mahua" that is their speciality.

They have super long "yau char kwai".

And super long sausages.

Colourful ice-kacang wannabe. No competition with Malaysia's ice-kacang. Malaysia Boleh!!!

My most expensive coffee ever. We decided to stop for a drink and little did we know that the coffee shop we entered was a high class, expensive place. A pot of coffee cost RM120++. And it only filled up 4 small expresso cups :(

But their fruit display made it worth it. Not the fruits tho..

Seafood anyone? Check out the huge frogs.. and snails.. and some other funny looking stuff..

And saving the best for the last.. their BEEF noodles.. Yummy!!

 Other interesting stuff

Tianjin have really interesting concept of selling. They dedicate a whole shop to selling just 1 item.

Like the picture below. One whole shop just for feather dusters... Crazy huh?? But you can get any feather dusters you want.. small, big, gigantic, long, short, black, brown...etc...

And a shop just for brushes....

Oh.. Don't forget to check out Tianjin's "Sugar Man". His work are pretty. And you'll be amazed by his skill.

He is drawing a dragon. Check out the pretty and realistic dragonfly perch above him.

Me buttefly....

Me pweety butterfly ... So sweet and yummy!!!

I  killed it :(

And their huge, over-crowded with smelly, sweaty people Train Station.

On their Express Train to Beijing.. 3299km/h.. Woohoo!!!

View from the window.

Oh yeah, after all the good stuff about them.. here are the bad stuff...

1. They are extremely rude and loud and rough and did I mention rude people. But I guess its their culture.
2. The air is terrible. Smoke and dust all around. Their cars have layers and layers off dust. Nobody bothers washing them.
3. Lots of construction going on.
4. Guys go around half naked. It may be because of the hot weather but come on.. I don't wanna see your flabs, tyres, 1-pack, hairy..erm....it's just eewwww!!!
5. And the worst.. SPITTING!!!  It happen all the time, everywhere, anytime by anyone.

So yep, this is Tianjin.. I hope I have not scared you off *winks*

p.s. sorry for any grammatical errors. Too sleepy to check through..zzzzzz

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