July 25, 2010

I am officially an Alien..

I'm back! I'm back! Pheww.. It's been such a loonnngggg trip. I think it's the longest holiday I have taken. I some photos to share.. Please be patient while I sort through them.. Not much la.. took only about 1.2K photos *sheepish grin*.. Its 2 long weeks of holiday k... And I been to Tianjin & Beijing and almost Chengde back and forth k.. Like twice to Tianjin and twice to Beijing..

Am I confusing you? Here's my schedule.

Day 1 - 2    : Tianjin
Day 3         : Tianjin / Beijing
Day 4 - 6    : Beijing
Day 7         : Beijing / Tianjin
Day 8         : Tianjin / Beijing
Day 9 - 10  : Beijing
Day 11       : Chengde Beijing *story will be told in later post
Day 12       : Beijing
Day 13       : Beijing / Tianjin

Looking at my schedule, I am confused my myself :(

What happend was we booked our flight via AirAsia almost a year ago and couple of months back, we booked a tour package to Beijing from Day 3 - 7. So the before and after tour, we were on our own. And since it was a tour group from Malaysia who took AirAsia too, the arrival and departure point was Tianjin. That's why we had to travel back and forth.

Anyway, after 2 long weeks of relaxation *yeah right* in China's hot and sweaty summer, I am back to hot-Malaysia-but-not-as-hot-as-Beijing weather. Thank God for Malaysia! In Beijing, the temperature varies from 28°C --> 49°C.

Taken of the bus clock with temperature shown.
Did not manage to capture the  49°C but it did went up to 49°C..

It's back to tons and tons of work for me to catch up. And many late nights and long hours. I would not encourage a 2 week holiday for anyone unless you are a rich tai tai with a rich husband and you do not need to work. I think the max would be a week.

But I am embarrased to say, I MISS WORKING!!! :( I keep thinking about home and Psalms Oasis. Darn, I was hoping for an out of mind, out of sight thingie but I guess when you are too attached to something, well, you can't stop thinking about it.

I'm such a workaholic freak!!

Oh yeah, before I head for bed, I will officially annouce... "I am an ALIEN" muahahaha!!!

On the back of China's Arrival & Departure Card for immigration clearance.

*hmmm... Venus? Saturn? Which is the prettiest planet?....

*in alienic voice*    Humans. I. bid. you. good. night.


tim said...

Sounds like a great holiday

gapnap said...

Alien with long ears !

Esther Chew said...

Tim : Yep, I did.. All my holidays are.. :)

gapnap : Nope, alien no long ears. alien with pointy years..