October 11, 2012

Our Wedding Ceremony

Sorry it took so long. All the wedding photos are in Rockstar's computer and then I had to sort through them and decide which to post and which not too. There are just too many beautiful pictures and I can't decide which I like the best. 

Anyway, here are the highlights of my wedding day :)

All ready, waiting for the groom. I must say that my make-up artist, Cindy Hor did an amazing job. I love my hair and make-up that day. I wanted natural, and she did that and more..  

I was getting quite agitated 'cos it was late. Finally, almost 1/2 an hour late, Rockstar arrives in his black chariot. 

A quick snap before rushing to church. Long story. But too cut it short, the car entourage was too big and they had to keep waiting for each other. 

With the groom men, best man, maid-of-honour and bridesmaid, such gorgeous and handsome people we have. 

We arrived slightly late but our registrar, Pastor Vincent, Senior Pastor of GTPJ was patient and did not make a fuss about our punctuality. 

Then its time. I walk down the aisle with my daddy, flank by the members of the 10th Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade Company, Malaysia. 

Can't remember what we were laughing about but I like this picture :) It sets the mood for the entire ceremony. 

Praise & Worship was lead by Jon Koo & Hwee Yen.
Sharing of Word was done by Pastor Mark, a fellow BB officer and a friend. 

Then comes the important part. 

We said our vows and promised each other

We exchange rings. 

We had the Unity Candle lighting. 

And then, we walk down the aisle as men and wife. Oh wait, we had to kiss first, then only walk. 

Then comes the fun, crazy part. Group pictures!!! and of cos lunch was served outside. 

And then we took some pictures 'cos the backdrop was so damm nice :p 

It was perfect. I love everything about it. I wanted my wedding to be casual, fun, happy, relax, and filled with people we love. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. 

Surprisingly, no problems or glitches :p It's either I was too self-absorb with happiness or that I have awesome wedding coordinators :) Thanks to me twinnie, Lydia & my cell leader, Michelle for being such great coordinators. And my family for being the best help. Without them, my wedding would not be pretty. I'm so lucky to have talented siblings :)

There's just so much that I want to record down and remember and I planned to do more individual wedding post later. 

More wedding pictures here

Wedding Planner : Me la
Wedding Coordinator : Lydia Chew
Wedding Deco & Flowers : Bello Event by Grace Chew
Photographer : Robin Ng & Daniel Liew
Videographer : Tan Ce Ding
Lunch : H&H Catering
Venue : Glad Tidings PJ

It's late and I need my bed. Till then...

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