October 15, 2012

married life

It's been a month since I've been married and everywhere I go, people asked me ,"How's married life?".

So I decided to make life easier by just putting it all down here and if people ask me, I'll just say, 'read my blog'. haha.. jk :p

Married life is good so far. Being with him most of the time. Having lunch together. Waking up beside him. Going for midnight movies. It's more comfortable, more normal. At the same time, surreal. 

I don't know if its luck or just that I'm blessed to find someone who is so amazing. We have so much fun together. He knows me even more then I know myself and loves me despite it. Yes, that includes glasses and morning hair. 

It's been 2 and a half weeks since we got back from our honeymoon. So far so good. Except for the occasional midnight snacks (not good for my hips) and the late night life he has. 

We decided to stay with his parents for a while, with a couple of reasons for that. One of it is we wanted to travel!! And guess what? 2nd honeymoon is coming up. 2 weeks time!!! So excited!!!!! Eekk!!!

My first cooked meal for Rockstar. Even though I just heated it up in the oven, the rice sort of counted cos we were in a strange apartment in a strange land with no cooking oil. After 6 days in Paris, Rockstar was craving for "Foo Yung' eggs. I woke up early and prepared breakfast in the tiny Paris apartment. When he took a bite of it, he said, "You amazes me!".

Yeah, I amazes myself sometimes too ;p Mission accomplished!

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