October 25, 2012

Crazy Life

Gosh!! It's been so long..

So just a little update. I've been running around like a mad woman last couple of days. As mentioned earlier, I will be going away for another trip, something like a 2nd honeymoon to the land of sakuras, geishas and harajuku - Japan!!!. Woots!!! We will be away for 6 days spend between Osaka & Tokyo. And its crazy trying to plan and get tickets and hotels and arrange transportation and places to go in just a couple of weeks. Their train system is super complicated and I have to stare at it for almost a week before everything starts to make sense. Don't you know its super hard to apply for a Japan visa? I had to go to the embassy 3 times. Even the security guards recognizes me :) Everything is done. Sort off. It have to be cos we are leaving next Tuesday afternoon. 

On top of that, just 2 nights ago, I decided to accompany my SIL for her diving course. It's very last minute decision and the reason for this rush is that she is often posted offshore. She works as a geologist with Petronas. And since her timing is unpredictable and monsoon season starts next month's, we're are leaving tomorrow morning! We will be away for 4 days 3 nights in Tioman Island and will be back on Monday morning! Yup, and then I'm flying off the next day for Japan. Crazy huh?!? 

So yeah, last couple of days was used to settle all work and travel stuff.

Talking about work. I'm kinda excited cos something exciting is coming up. duh! Will have to work hard on it the minute I get back from Japan. 

I'm trying to shift through my pictures so please be patient k.. Just so many of them.

OK. Since its everything above are words. Here's a picture for you.

*Picture sourced from Google Image.
I conducted a training yesterday and this is what I showed my participants :)

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