October 16, 2012

Enliven your Senses @ The Quad

I've eaten at The Quad twice and when the opportunity came for me to try their new lunch promotion, I found my way there. For a main course and dessert, the price was only RM12 nett. 

I settled on the Salmon Aglio Olio as I was in the mood for pasta. Service wasn't that good that day. Maybe due to influx of customers or that I didn't look like a promising customer :)

But food that day wasn't disappointing. At least for me. The Salmon Aglio Olio was the best I've ever tasted. The spaghetti was soft and properly infused with the taste of salmon. It wasn't too oily as normal aglio oilos' are. And surprisingly, the salmon was fresh and delicious.  

The Spaghetti Primavera tested quite normal. The tomato taste wasn't too overpowering and thus made it a little bland.  

Spaghetti Alla Funghi was cooked with wild mushrooms. Being a fan off mushrooms, I found it quite delightful. However, my lunch companions thought that the mushroom taste was too much. 

Ordering from their ala carte menu, the Teriyaki Butter Fish, said to be their signature/ best dish turned out a disappointment. Fish was hard and overcooked. 

Bread and butter was only served to those who ordered ala carte which was a let down for me. I like bread and butter with my meals :) Simple as it is, bread and butter instantly gives a boast to a meal. Doesn't cost much, but it ups the value of a meal and makes the dining experience more worth it. 

But a friend 'gave' me hers. :p

Bread was good. Soft and home made but thought that it could had been warmed up first. Butter was too bland. Could have been a little creamier. 

Since a Master Barista was there, I choose their Master Barista's Signature Cappuccino. I must mentioned that it was uniquely good. It had a special blend with a very refreshing secret ingredient that I must not mentioned. *barista's secret*. Go try it and see if you can identify the secret ingredient. 

Lastly, the dessert of the day was Strawberry Mousse Cake.  The mousse part felt more like cheescake. Too dense. A plus point that it wasn't too sweet but it could do with a lot more work. 

Entire meal cost me RM20 (RM12 for set lunch + RM8 for Master Barista Signature Cappuccino). Not bad for a 2-course meal. Some hits and misses again. I think The Quad needs to work on their consistency in producing good food and good service. Besides that, they will work out fine.

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