October 5, 2012

I'm still alive.. in case you are wondering.

Gosh, time really flies. Super sorry for the long absence..

I'm back!! if you haven't guess it yet. In a span of a week, I have :

- gone home 3 times . Mostly to take clothes and say hi to my parents

- celebrated moon cake festival. Obviously. I'm Chinese  We ate, lighted some lanterns, burned some, laugh, talk alot. 

- attended my ex-school's 20th Anniversary. Saw lots of old faces. Felt old. 

- gone visiting with old friends and ate too much. 

- had dinner with some new friends. Showing off the wife (at least that's what I tell myself)

- organized an impromptu kinda last minute bridal shower cum buffet dinner for a friend

- woke up super early for her ROM (Registration of Marraige) @ Putrajaya. Celebrated over dim sum brunch.

- I have done 3 movies. Yes, in a span of a week. Resident Evil, Judge Dredd & Taken. 

- 10% moved in to my semi-permanently home. It was tough. From a room filled with my stuff, I now only have 1 cupboard & 1 table. But I'm learning that I actually don't need that much stuff anyway. 

- Of cos, I did work. 

- and sleep.. eventhough its screw up timing. Not due to jet lag. More like getting used to husband screw up sleeping habits. 

And yup, that's my life. in a week.

Lot's of pictures to post up. I promise. Just let me get use to this whole new wife, new daughter-in-law, new house, new eyebags thingamajie...

Love lots

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