October 16, 2012

Dinner @ The Bird

My mum turned a year younger :) and we decided to celebrated at The Bird. Don't ask me why we choose there but it had something to do with birds and Balinese style decor; based on the Facebook conversation. 

My 1st time there. It is an interesting place. Walls were covered with bird houses, painted with birds. Ceilings and walls were wither bricks or wood producing a work-in-progress feel. Various bird structures and pieces were littered all over the place. The toilet door were especially interesting. it had different slabs of wood pieces in different colours stuck to it, making it a very unique art piece. Enough said, the decor was refreshing. 

Just a 1 page menu, the food listing was enough to provide a mid-range selection of food. 

We had to place orders 3 times as the amount wasn't enough. The portion was too small for my big family of 12, even when we said we wanted large. 

I can't recall every dish name that we ordered but here's a rough review. Fish head curry was their expertise, and it live up to its name. Flavourful, delicious and fresh, we drain the bowl of every single drop. The butter chicken was very tasty that we ordered 2 plates of it. It was juicy and the sauce was super yummy. Even though I'm a non-vegetarian, the vegetables served, all of them, was really good. Their special Tilapia fish with olive oil and sesame recommended by the boss, was very unique. I found it to be very fresh and the unique blend gave it a sour-ish yet crunchy feel. All I can say its that you either like it or hate it. The sotong was fresh and chewy. Perfect with a slight spiciness to it. And the tofu with peanut sauce was another favourite. Tofu cut to small pieces covered with cucumber may seem like a salad but the peanut sauce poured generously over it made it so delicious. 

Please forgive me for the grainy blurry pictures as I had to restrain 9 hungry people, taking turns with 2 fellow photographers while taking these pictures. It's hard work!!! 

Total bill came up to about RM30 per person. 

My verdict : Food was superbly good. Portion too small. Not suitable for large groups/ big-eaters. Decor and environment was cosy. However, the occasional karaoke session going on with loud chinese, cantonese, hokkien music spoilt the ambience. Will definitely go back for the food again but will bring ear plugs this time. 

Happy Birthday, Mummy! I love you.. 

The Bird Curry Fish Head
No 2, Jalan PJU 5/4, Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara, 47810,
Petaling Jaya
(directly opposite Hailam Kopitiam)

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